Saturday, October 9

the shades of the seaon

This morning my husband had to have his truck dropped off by 7 AM at the shop to get the starter fixed on it.  Since he thought it was safe for me to pick him up with the car in my bathrobe - hee hee - I followed him over there.  Although the sun hadn't hardly been over the horizon at that point, as I drove behind him I saw that the woods had noticeably changed over this past busy week.  Definitely a whole different palette of colors which was now missing all those bright yellows. 

After picking him and letting him drive us back home, I could look closer at the trees alongside the road and noticed a majority of them were oaks.  What a variety of shades of color they are this year instead of the typical plain browns.  Lots of reds, rusts, golds, and brighter browns.   Has the different weather this summer and fall played a role in what they look like this autumn?  Or are they always like that every year and I've never noticed before? 

The little changes that come with the change of seasons.  

It's much like the little changes that come with family life and the seasons we go through.  Take time to pay attention to them as life is busy!  Encourage the positives as you watch them grow in your children and make certain you take the time to discourage the negatives.  The positives and negatives come in all shades and vary from child to child.  I always smile to myself when I see how creative God has been in his creation of each person as I encounter something new with one of my children that I have never seen before with any of the others.  Always a new challenge before me!  

May you enjoy your season of parenting as you take time to notice the creative shades of children in your garden.

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