Wednesday, November 24

bell ringing

Right after the worship service each week this fall, I've been attending an adult Sunday school class which has been going through the book of Isaiah.  I found out this past week that the Sunday after Thanksgiving will be the final class for this study in which the last chapters will be covered.  Knowing that we will only be attending the worship service on that day since there'll be a house full of family home, I decided to work through the last chapters myself this week beginning with chapter 58 of the book of Isaiah.

It was interesting timing as I read how the people were following religious "rules" as the chapter specifically talked about fasting, yet the hearts of the people weren't acceptable as they kept sin in their hearts acting out upon it in selfish ways.  They weren't reaching out to the hungry, the homeless, the poor, the afflicted, the oppressed.

A few hours later a couple of my daughters and myself were standing next to a red kettle greeting people and ringing our bells.  The Salvation Army's early beginnings in the late 1800's came from a man who had a heart to reach the hungry, the homeless, the poor, the afflicted, the oppressed, with the hope and salvation found through the Gospel of Christ.  Not only was the Word of God the anchor of this ministry, but practical help was offered as well....and is still offered over a hundred years later.  It is a ministry which is living out exactly what Isaiah wrote about in chapter 58.

So as you see the bell ringers out and about over the next several weeks, take a moment to remember what the Salvation Army's ministry is all about as they put hands and feet to what God's Word teaches.   Support them with the coins you have - every cent adds up and counts! - or with more generous donations or with your time as you volunteer bell ringing!

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The Prude said...

Love those bell ringers!
The Salvation Army too- they do incredible work.
And all in the name of the Lord.

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