Saturday, November 13

a close encounter of the best kind

Sometimes it's hard to know where to begin a blog post because you have to think back to the beginning in order to begin, if that makes any sense.  Sooo, let me think.....

It all began when a friend recommended a particular blog to me about four years ago thinking I'd enjoy it on several levels and she was right!  I enjoyed reading Quiet Life from the beginning as well as interacting with Donna's readers in the comment section.  However, I hadn't expected the wonderful friendships that would develop through this blog and which have become a great blessing to me as we began connecting through email and facebook.  

What has even been more of a surprise is finding out that we even have common "in real life" friends.  How fun it was to meet a fellow Quiet Life reader over a year ago at her daughter's wedding in my church when her daughter married the son of a friend AND I saw Jenny again this past summer at a conference as we also share a passion to work in pregnancy resource centers.

About a month ago an opportunity came up to connect with another Quiet Life reader as she would be in my area at a Christian camp to lead worship for a women's retreat. She and I have many "in real life" friends in common and I could hardly wait to meet her.  What a blessing it was to give her a hug in person and spend some quality chatting time together!  This was followed by sitting with her and her family for supper in the big dining hall.

Of course, the highlight of the visit was gathering with the women for their evening worship and message time.
How do I describe how Steph's fingers float over the keyboard for song after song?  Or the deep richness of her voice as she sings to our Heavenly Father?   What a gift He has given her as she shares her musical talent with those of us who have a heart to worship!  It was a blessing to be part of this small gathering knowing that Steph travels all over the country - and world - to use her gift to minister to other women and you can catch a glimpse of her music here 

I can't help but smile as I think of how our Heavenly Father makes the world a little bit smaller as He connects people together and allows us to have close encounters of the best kind with one another.  Can there be any greater encouragement?

Tammy ~@~


Donna Boucher said...

There can not. God has been surprising me and blessing me by bringing together wise and Godly women for nearly seven year.

The love, the comfort, the celebration, the friend-making that goes on in my comment box is a wonder.

Thank you God.

Stephanie is a gift with a gift :o)

Love you Tammy!

Carol in Oregon said...

Tammy, what a lovely tribute. I call Donna a friendship-broker. She connects people to other people so beautifully.

Gifts. That's what Quiet Life groupies are.

Close encounters of the best kind. I love that phrase.

stephseef said...

With my hair in a bun. What a surprise.

Love. Loved it all, Tammy. So glad you're in my world.


mom said...

Amen! My heart is thankful for His Gift of friendship which make our world a little bit smaller and filled with encouragement :-)

Tammy ~@~

A Circle of Quiet said...

Beautifully said, Tammy. Someday, Lord willin' and the creek don't rise, I will make a Wisconsin's a wealth of QLCS friends.


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