Monday, November 1

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Welcome to November!
I have to confess that November is probably my least favorite month.  The leaves are off the trees and everything looks gray and brown outside my window.  The weather tends to be just as gray with many cloudy days as the temperatures stay in the chilly level.  There's the sense that snow and cold are right around the corner and you hope that corner is December and not November.

And yet, my favorite holiday arrives later in this month - Thanksgiving!  I so thoroughly enjoy the food and fellowship that happens around my kitchen table.  Plus we've always taken that week off from schooling as it's a huntin' week for the menfolk.  But primarily it's a time when thankful hearts are all around and God is given the praise He should be receiving EVERY day of the year.

"Oh give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever!" ~ I Chronicles 16:34

I am so thankful for His steadfast love and am glad that I can glance at my calendar each day of the month to be reminded of that very love on those gray days of my least favorite month when my heart would prefer to grumble.

Be thankful!

Tammy ~@~


Anonymous said...

One of these days soon I'll have to share my favorite November poem with you. I read it when I was young and I've been in love with November ever since.

mom said...

If it'll make me love November, Anita, you MUST share it! :-)

Tammy ~@~

Anonymous said...

I'll put it in your inbox on Facebook.

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