Tuesday, November 9

the horse ride of seventy-five

After reading aloud "Paul Revere's Ride" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, my daughter exclaimed that she really enjoyed the poem.  As I was thinking to myself about whether it was the engaging rhythm of the words or the fact that a horse plays a large role in this poem that caused that reaction, she looked back over to me and asked if I remembered it.  

     "Yes," I easily responded as I recalled all of her older siblings also reading this particular poem.  She continued looking at me as if waiting for me to go on......."Yes, what?" was my response.

     "Do you remember when this actually happened?" she asked.

     "Well, I'd have to be well over two hundred years old to be able to remember it!"  I exclaimed.  Now she looked at me puzzled.  

     "But, mom, it says it happened on the eighteenth of April in seventy-five!  Weren't you still a kid in 1975?" my daughter questioned.

     "Um, it happened in SEVENTEEN seventy-five so I don't think so!" as laughter escaped from under my breath.  

Oh dear.  I've obviously failed in teaching history, haven't I?  Not only was it necessary to review some facts around that time period, but to also share that the poem's information wasn't entirely correct.  Hopefully learning the rest of the story hasn't ruined the fun that comes with reading of the courage of a midnight ride on a wild galloping steed back in seventy-five.....

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LaughingLady said...

Haha, too funny!! Nothing like makin' ya feel ancient, eh?

mom said...

Yup, ancient of days.....

ChiGirl said...

OMIGOODNESS!!! I actually cackled out loud when I read this!!!! Man, Mom, you're very well preserved!! LOLOLOL

mom said...

HA! Well preserved and now I know why I'm so tired all the time! I really am old! LOL!

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