Wednesday, November 17

a math footnote

After thinking about my post and pictures from yesterday as well as Kimmie's comment, I thought I'd add a little footnote about it.

This son is the first one of my children who was ohhhhh sooooo diligent about his math.  His coursework last year was Precalculus with Trigonometry and Analytical Geometry.  Honestly, it was easier for him to correct his own homework in this subject as I was pretty much lost each time I opened his book.  If he got a problem wrong, he'd take the necessary time to look through the solution key and then rework the problem.  It would be written out and rewritten and reworked until it clicked.  He was meticulous and determined and wouldn't let the challenge get the best of him although there were some moments of complete frustration in which his mother was absolutely no help at all.  

Entering into his freshman year of college, he was immediately immersed into the tough subjects of his major which included.....calculus.  All the skills he polished while homeschooling of working and reworking problems has paid off.  He called last week to say that he had gotten the results back from his first calculus exam - a 95.  Can you imagine?  I can't. 

All that to say......don't be afraid to challenge your kids a bit with their learning. They need to learn how to think and work hard.  It'll pay off in their future!

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Nezzy said...

It's so true sweetie, ya gotta challenge 'em and stretch those minds. I'm thrilled your son is doin' so well!

Have a marvelously blessed day sweetie!!!! :o)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing...that is encouraging. My second grade homeschooler doesn't like math at all...sometimes it's like pulling teeth, but we are persistent...he doesn't have a choice but to do it...(-:

mom said...

Most of my kids didn't have a fondness for math either, Brook. Some subjects they have to do out of necessity which we have to push and prod along. My son who loves the challenge of higher math detests writing and it took just about everything I had to get him to write any essays. Perhaps find a subject your son does really like and challenge him a bit further with it! They love to think about things that they love to do and it helps their brains to THINK! :-)

Tammy ~@~

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