Thursday, November 18

mom and spam

Every once in awhile I feel like I need to explain my name.


My first attempt at blogging was a private family blog created to journal through our daily lives at home for those who no longer live at home.  My hope was that it would supply all the news of the day in one spot so I didn't have to remember who I told what or constantly hear, "I can't believe you never told me this!"  I still forget to write about critical things but for the most part they hear about a fire at the farm market or what we ate for supper or the snow that fell on the ground or the dog throwing up all over the kitchen floor before Bible study or who got into trouble for listening to their iPod while doing their schoolwork.  You know, important stuff.  Daily life.  

But when I began blogging, my children thought it was too weird to read about their family life in a blog written by Tammy.  They wanted it to be written by Mom, so I submitted to their wishes.

Then I decided to launch a public blog and felt I should change my account name from Mom to Tammy.  But again there was great resistance from family, so I again submitted to their wishes and left it like it has been from the beginning.  I'm sure it seems strange to some people to have "Mom" commenting on their blogs and I even had someone comment on another blog about how nice it was that the blog owner's Mom commented regularly on their blog - yikes! - but honestly, I don't even think about it anymore.  Perhaps it's because young people who aren't my real children do call me "Mom" when they see me or call here.  I feel like a "Mom" to many other people who I enjoy nurturing through life.  It does feel like a natural role as I've finally come around to acknowledging - and stop fighting! - the fact that perhaps I am one of those.older.women because that title doesn't just mean I'm older, but hopefully means I've learned some wise things along the way and am still learning and will continue learning which is something you realize more and more as you get older.

And you know, I'm okay with being Mom and the only online drawback is that my comments on my own blog always get thrown into SPAM (and perhaps they go to SPAM when I comment on other people's blogs, too?)  Throwing a Mom into SPAM?  Really?  How rude!  It made me look up the definition of SPAM to see if there was some hidden meaning but it is basically unwanted or unsolicited email. But does that mean that most people don't want to hear from their Mom? That their emails are unwanted?  Could a Mom really be Scientifically Proven A Menace or a Strange Product with Abstract Meaning?  (only a couple of online acronym definitions which could apply to something besides the meat by-product)

All that to say.....I'm thankful on this day to be a Mom no matter where email servers may toss me!  I will continue to be Mom as long as my days are numbered on this earth and look forward to the journey ahead.  And I will continue to walk alongside the rest of you as your friend Tammy because that is also a role I cherish!

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LaughingLady said...

Haha, I always love seeing "Mom" has left me a comment!! I know my own mother reads my blog and for the first little while, I was confused, but not anymore.

(And my own comments on my blog always get sent to my spam folder, too!)

Luke said...

I will admit, the first time you left a comment I got really confused. And then I was confused as to why you chose such a potentially confusing title [smile]. Reading this, it makes sense.

I am very glad that you always sign your comments, though. Otherwise, when I reply, I'd have to say something like: "Thanks for the comment, mom!" ...which would lead to further confusion [smile].


mom said...

Thanks for bearing with me through the confusion! I do always sign my comments, but I'm certain that other readers can't figure it out at times. I've thought about having a separate account or doing Wordpress, but then *I* would probably be confused most of the time! LOL!

Tammy ~@~

Anonymous said...

I think that the meat product could quialify to be Scientifically Proven A Menace...isn't it wonderful when we finally resolve to be classified as a forever "mom..."Thanks for sharing.

Laura said...

This might sound completely and utterly silly, but I LIKE the fact that your signature is always "mom". It honestly does fit... there are those special women whose role transcends purely "mom" in the familial sense and become mothers to all younger women. As a younger woman, and mother myself, your "blog" presence is even comforting. And that's sayin' something if it's coming through on the internet! :)

BTW, go take a peek at my blog... I think you'll like what I posted today! ;)

mom said...

Yes, I totally agree on both counts, Brook! :-)

And what a wonderful compliment, Laura. Thank you, too, for sending me over to see the wonderful peek-a-boo pictures on your blog! Now you can think pink, eh? :-)

Tammy ~@~

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