Friday, November 26

none-fireproof goo

Leaving my camera out and available for use when family is home always leads to some interesting pictures when I start downloading them.  Such as this one:

I have no idea who was taking food pictures as we were setting all the menu items out on our kitchen peninsula before eating our ginormous Thanksgiving meal, but it seemed rather interesting to see the full gravy dish as the main focus of this one.  However, it wasn't the gravy dish that caught my eye, but the gooey messy casserole dish of sweet potatoes behind it.  Those sweet things so gracefully expanded and overflowed onto the bottom of my oven starting a small fire while I was chatting away while making that beautiful gravy.  Another interesting note about the sweet potatoes was hearing from one of my college sons that he has developed a liking to yams while eating on campus.  Who'd a thunk?  

Ahhh, yes, it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without a few memories, eh?  Back to making some more around here.....

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