Tuesday, November 30

on the other end of the prize

Last spring during the Bloggers Quilt Festival, I was blessed to be one of the prize winners by leaving a comment in the comment section!  During the days following I enjoyed looked through page after page of all the beautiful fabrics trying to pick my choice.  Then it was garden planting time and a family wedding and summer and life got busy outdoors and I totally forgot about anything having to do with fabric.  So, when Amy over at Amy's Creative Side announced her fall Bloggers Quilt Festival I panicked for a moment as I considered the prize I hadn't claimed in the spring and sent off an email to find out if there was an expiration date on it.  

What a relief to receive a response from Anina from The Twiddletails Store who was very willing to fill my prize and sent it right off!  
I ended up picking two different fabrics - one to go with all the girl quilts I seem to be doing all the time and the other because I loved the colors, the flowers, and the birds.   The other item enclosed in the package was a small sampling of fabrics to pick from to hopefully match other fabrics in a quilt to use for a border.  (Sorry that the colors don't look too bright.....we have nothing but cloudy weather this time of the year....but they really are beautiful!)

Complete satisfaction on this end of prize winning and I'd highly recommend checking out Amy's Creative Side if you enjoy quilting and are looking for ideas or tips or tutorials or anything about the art of quilting and I'd also just as highly recommend checking out The Twiddletails Store if you are interested in purchasing quilting fabrics online as there is a wide selection of fabric, patterns, tools, and also a clearance section.

Happy quilting!

Tammy ~@~

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