Tuesday, November 23

one thing leads to another

You know how when people come to your house it's easy to notice all the areas that you need to clean?  Well, every week that we hold Bible study in our home, I notice how marked up and dirty my kitchen walls are becoming.  Soooo, my goal before Thanksgiving was to wash down the kitchen walls before family all came home.

What was I thinking?


Yes, they definitely needed it and look much better now, but I've realized in the process that there's a lot of markings on my walls that isn't going to come off no matter how much elbow grease I use as my kitchen really does need to be repainted in the future.  I've also realized in this process that all my kitchen woodwork and cabinets need to be washed down as well, not to mention how much my kitchen tile floor needs a good scrubbing.  Oh, and after I walk out of my kitchen, it's obvious that the hallway walls need scrubbing, the bathroom walls need scrubbing, not to mention the stairway walls and the girls bedroom walls.  

What was I thinking?


Just mentioning this to you in case you are considering doing such a task before Thanksgiving arrives in your house.  You may want to reconsider it and wait until school is out in the spring as it appears to be a task that could require an entire summer and not just a few days before Thanksgiving.

Just sayin'.......

Tammy ~@~


Luke said...

So true! My wife did a ton of work yesterday while I was at work, and when I got home there was a whole new level of work to be done [smile].

But, as my mom often said: You can't clean a mess without making one. I guess the addendum would be: You can't clean a mess without noticing the others around it...


mom said...

Ahhh, so the whole new level of work was perhaps saved for you, Luke? And your mom is very wise and it looks like it's rubbed off on you as the addendum is completely accurate!

Tammy ~@~

stephseef said...

My Two Cents:


you canNOT believe, if you've never tried it, how much easier it is to remove scuffs and wall-dirt with this amazing tool. I buy the generic ones at Walgreens and they're just as good, I think. I'm totally obsessed with them. Have fun!!!! :)


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