Monday, November 22

one, two, three potatoes

This weekend we finally rented Toy Story 3 from Redbox and it was watched a few times while we had it.  A wonderful storyline with all those familiar characters.  It was only a few short months ago that we had a college bound son sorting through his room and putting things into four piles - taking to college, saving in storage, handing down to the younger siblings, and trash.  

But toys didn't really play into his sorting much.  For you see, I've solved the sad toy dilemma around here as they never seem to get put into a sorting pile unless mom is going through the toybox or toyroom to clean out all the things that aren't toys.  Our toys pretty much ALL still live here. Well, at least the classic kind of toys do as I have slowly filtered out the junk.  There's zillions of Legos, dolls and favorite stuffed animals, Matchbox cars, Fisher Price sets, Lincoln logs, board and card games, play dishes for the play kitchen, dress-up know, all the timeless kind of entertainment for a creative imaginative child's mind.    With a large family arriving over the course of twenty-two years and then the older ones marrying and bringing our grandchildren into the world, all the toys have continued to be in use and are kept in one area of the house.
Sooooo, after viewing Toy Story 3 a few times, it was no problem to locate the three potato heads and their gear when my youngest asked if we still had them somewhere to play with for awhile. She entertained herself for a LONG time and I enjoyed listening to their, um, conversations every time I walked in and out of the room.

Who would have thought so many many years ago that potato heads would still be bringing a smile to a child and to their mom?  It makes me thankful for the simple delights that carry through the years of a family.

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