Tuesday, November 16

a type of mother

Recently I was looking through our pile of used spiral notebooks for some scratch paper.  Typically at the end of the school year as we put all our schooling stuff away, we pull all the used papers out of these notebooks for our records and throw them on the pile with the freshly lined pages still intact.  These notebooks work well for the littles in the family.  Or for mothers who need some scratch paper.  Except this is what I found inside the first notebook I opened:
of math calculations.
The entire spiral notebook was full of equations and numbers and writing in every single possible space.  How the notebook ended up where it did was indeed a mystery. But the feeling inside my heart upon seeing it was no mystery.  For you see, homeschooling has turned me into something else. Hmmm, want to know more?  Head over to Heart of the Matter Online to read my article about another kind of mother.

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Anonymous said...

great article...24 years of homeschooling...I'm only on my 4th...lots to go...I appreciate your wisdom and look forward to more.

mom said...

Thanks, Brook! I wouldn't trade this time I've spent with my kids for anything and I know you'll be blessed, too, as the years pass :-)

Tammy ~@~

Kimmie said...

Wow Tammy, you have some kind of math genius among you...that is some serious math computing that was taking place.

I think that notebook deserves a place on the library shelf of your home...I'm serious!

And for the record, I never worked any math problem that deeply! ...ever!

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