Thursday, November 4


Although it would happen off and on before, the night time wake-up ritual of my youngest has definitely gotten worse since August.  That was the month a son left for college and we did a major bedroom switch around.  After sharing a room together for years, one daughter finally got to have her own bedroom leaving her two sisters behind.  Not a problem as the bedroom could now easily be separated between the two.  

The problem was that these two sisters had slept together in a double bed for about five years.  The oldest rejoiced at having her own bed, but the youngest snuggle bug was not quite as excited.  In fact, her lack of excitement quickly became my lack of excitement as she kept waking up at night.  She was missing hearing the comfort of her sister breathing next to her and the extra warmth of another body in her bed.  Knowing that her sister was on the other side of the room didn't help.  So, there were many trips made into mom and dad's bedroom where we'd often just tell her to crawl into bed with us.

I thought this would be a very temporary thing.  


Like last night.  She woke up and stood by my bed giving her night time dialogue which is always very detailed and long.  I've learned to shorten it by immediately offering her a spot in our bed, but that didn't work.  She needed to tell me all the details about what had woken her up, her vivid dreams, getting up and going to the bathroom, and how she thought she may be able to go back to bed acknowledging that it may help for me to come into her room and lie down with her for a few minutes.  However, she knew I was tired and probably wouldn't want to get up, so she would go back to bed and think about good things to dream about and perhaps then she'd fall back to sleep.  Which I'm guessing is exactly what happened.  

I realize this isn't the first time I've talked about this topic on my blog, but this time is different because it's combining with a new stretch of multiple wake-ups all night long with night flashes which is something else I've already talked about here.  

It reminds me of all those years of baby nights resulting in sleep deprivation where I would long for a nice extended lengthy stretch of sleep.  Just one good night to catch up a bit.  Just ONE!

So, if you bump into me, please don't comment about the dark circles under my eyes or the fact that I can't put a sentence together or my yawning during our conversations as apparently it's still my normal even after thirty years of mothering.....

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Luke said...

Changes can be hard. And not getting great sleep is no fun. Hang in there!


Laura said...

Awwww... that sounds like me after a new baby! Comforting to know that this is a new state in life for the next 30 or so odd years! Lol! I hope you get some sleep.... and advice from a different place in life... "sleep when your...uhhh, little girl/hot flashes go away?" Haha! Take a nap momma and feel better! :) Praying for you!

mom said...

LOL, Laura! I'm hoping there'll be a nap in my future...someday!

Tammy ~@~

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