Thursday, December 9

the calm....

Last night after a very full day from start to finish, I pulled out a little Christmas book of helpful Christ centered Christmas tips.  This was one of my favorite tips:

Endeavor to stay calm in the midst of all the frenzy.  "For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace." ~ I Corinthians 14:33

It immediately struck a chord with me because I do feel calm.  In fact, I think I  feel almost too calm.  Let's take this a step further, I feel so calm about the holidays that I'm barely moving through them.  My Christmas music first got pulled out over the weekend.  The master Christmas list was sent out at the beginning of the week for all the family.  Only a few Christmas decorations have come out of the boxes this week.  Perhaps we'll get our tree on Saturday. Hopefully I'll write the rough draft of our family Christmas letter on Sunday.  But I have not felt rushed about any of it.

Do you think that feeling will change when it's the 20th of December and I haven't done any shopping or baking?  Is this relaxed feeling only the calm before the STORM when my mind clicks back into reality?  Or is this calmness  the result of daily asking God to lead and guide my days for His purposes and not my own as I desire to wholeheartedly be walking in His will?

Stay tuned....and in the meantime find your calm in this season of chaos!

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