Wednesday, December 22

farewell to the men

An executive decision has been made.  It was not an easy decision especially since it involves a baking tradition from the beginning of the life of our family.  Plus you know what a sentimental traditionalist I am.  Yet, it makes sense to no longer continue with this one.

Gingerbread men will no longer be mixed and chilled, cookie cuttered and baked, then frosted and decorated in our home.  The general consensus last Christmas is that no one really likes to eat the guys as was duly noted at the end of the holiday season when all the cookies had been devoured except for the pile of gingerbread men.   Even decorating them had become a chore as it's always done after we've decorated all the cutter cookies.  So, it makes no sense to go through all the steps of producing them, especially since there's sooooo many cookies we absolutely adore eating at Christmastime.  

Now that the announcement has been made, we can officially begin our Christmas baking!

Enjoy the treats of the season!

Tammy ~@~


Luke said...

There are so many opportunities in life, it's really cool when you can find one you can happily stop pursuing so you can focus better on the things that have more meaning to you. May the other cookies taste more sweet [smile].


mom said...

Very true, Luke, and it even applies in something that seems so trivial as cookie baking!

Tammy ~@~

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