Monday, December 27

the holiday is coming

This morning I finally have all my Christmas cards at the post office and put the last batch of Christmas cookies in the oven to bake.  Hope to finish up my shopping and present wrapping today.  Then I'll get to some house cleaning before family arrive later in the week.

Have I caused you to look at your calendar yet?

Uh huh.  December 27th.  

It's not that I hadn't done all of those things above before Christmas Day.  I did. All the necessary things were completed.  But without me really noticing while it happened over the last few years, our Christmas holiday has gone through a transition.  Kids have grown up, got married, and moved away.  Although there are still five kids left at home, they are getting older, also, and Christmas morning doesn't have the hoopla it used to when all nine were little and EXTREMELY excited about getting up in the morning.  Fortunately the youngest is still excited about everything and simply adores every single gift.

Our holiday transition has instead led us to a time of great excitement and hoopla a week later when the older ones make the journey home as we celebrate the arrival of the new year.  Once everyone gets here, the living room will be packed with people around the Christmas tree and we'll all open presents with a lot of ohhhhing and ahhhhing while the grands excitedly get lost in a sea of wrapping paper.  

Family time at its best!

So, while everyone else in the country is enjoying a time of relaxation with gift putting away and tree taking down, I'll be busy preparing for our holiday celebration.  And I can't wait!

Enjoy your day!

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keri said...

you do realize that at no point were all 9 of us "little" together... ? ;) I'm pretty sure your oldest was married when your youngest arrived.... lol!

mom said...

Well, the littlest was present, in a sense, the Christmas before the oldest got married :-)

Now I get to enjoy the grands being little together :-)

Love you,

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