Tuesday, December 7

how can I

How can I love the world that hated Him?
How can I love the sin that drove Him to Calvary?
How can I look twice at that which required His Holy Life?

Gracious Master and my God, help me to
     Worship You acceptably
     Serve You eagerly
     Long for You frequently
And to know that You are better than anything this world may offer.

May I see that any longing for power, prosperity, or pleasantry is contrary to longing for You.
May I see that nothing this world can ever offer, tempt, or tantalize is better than You and You alone.

May I see that my sins have far greater impact than I want to acknowledge.
And May I see that Your forgiveness has far greater impact that I can understand.

Dear gracious Master and my Savior, help me to
     Pray joyfully
     Rest contentedly
     Live faithfully
And to know and experience that hating sin is loving You.
~Michael J. Easley from Interludes

Last month a prayer from this book was read at our congregational meeting.  After the meeting I asked if I could borrow the book and have spent the last couple of weeks reading through it.  As I return the book back to its owner, I've added it to my Christmas list.  The prayers read very similarly to another prayer book I own and keep by my bed - Valley of Vision which is a collection of Puritan prayers and devotions.  Both books speak my heart and I highly recommend them!

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The Prude said...

Very convicting.
It is way too easy for me to shrug off sins that seem trite.
Good reminder.

mom said...

Very true, Anita. It is easy to shrug off some sins as insignificant, yet all sin - no matter how teeny tiny - separates us from God. He paid for even those kinds of sins with His life......

Tammy ~@~

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