Wednesday, December 15

pondering problems

A little reminder from Oswald Chambers to ponder:

"My questions come whenever I cease to obey.  When I have obeyed God, the problems never come between me and God, they come as probes to keep the mind going on with amazement at the revelation of God.  Any problem that comes between God and myself springs out of disobedience; any problem, and there are many, that is alongside me while I obey God, increases my ecstatic delight, because I know that my Father knows, and I am going to watch and see how He unravels this thing."

That puts a whole new light on the problems of life, doesn't it?  I think I much prefer the ones that come with obedience.  Who wouldn't prefer the amazement and ecstatic delight that comes when God walks with you unraveling the problems of life?

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