Saturday, December 11

revising the holiday love

As I continue to read the tips found in my little Christmas book of helpful Christ centered Christmas ideas, I hit one that I disagree with.....

"Say 'I love you' often to those around you during the holiday season."

What?  This is a tip that should only be used during the holiday season? Is it the only time of the year that our spirits should be light and happy and wanting to share the love?


"Say 'I love you' often to those around you."  PERIOD!  

We don't know what the day may bring or the next day or the year ahead.  Use every opportunity to tell those who are dear to you that you love them.  And as Donna at Quiet Life would always say, follow the LOVE YOU with MEAN IT!

Enjoy the weekend and find activities to do that you love to do and can do them with people you love!  We are using a winter snowstorm as the perfect opportunity to travel to a place where we can trudge through the woods to cut the perfect Christmas tree!

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Kimmie said...

Good point, the book is in need of a revision!

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