Wednesday, December 29

slowin' down

In the midst of my busyness yesterday, I noticed a soreness slowly begin in my lower back.  By evening my hips were also quite sore and even bending over hurt.  With hopes of my sleep not being affected, a couple ibuprofen were taken late evening.

By this morning it was obvious that the pain wasn't going to go away and upon calling a chiropractor friend I was able to get in right away.  Ohhhh, boy.  A hip was way out of place.  Ice and walking were given as the follow-up prescription.  

Slow walking. 

So much I'd still like to get done before family arrives, yet I'm fine with whatever does get done and it will all get done in slow motion.  It could be much worse as so many people are dealing with the stomach *bug* or the fever and cold *bug* and either one of those would put our household in a quarantine mode.  So slow is good :-)

Slow working.

Enjoy this extended holiday at whatever speed you're going!

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