Friday, December 10

a smile lift

From my gardening flip calendar today:

"When you lift someone's spirit, you can't help but life your own." ~ author unknown

Every once in a while there's a daily saying that has absolutely nothing to do with gardening.  But that's okay.  After all, it's December here and everything is white outside my window.  My gardening world is sound asleep for a long winter's nap. 

In fact, as I consider that we are in the midst of the holiday season this saying seems perfect.  *Merry* isn't always the first word people will associate with the word *Christmas*.  The holidays can be a difficult time.  A depressing time.  A time when memories come flooding back of loved ones who are gone that your heart dearly misses.  Or perhaps you come from a background of a family that was not functioning well which meant the holidays were a time of fighting or abuse or perhaps drunkenness.

But if you know Jesus, you have HOPE!  You have LIGHT!  You have the SAVIOR!  You know LOVE!  Share it with others.  A smile.  A kind word.  A helping hand.  Be Jesus with skin on by lifting someone else's spirit.

Can I share how easy it is?  Late yesterday afternoon, my chauffeur my husband who doesn't mind driving when the snowy weather is nasty, drove me to Walmart since I do not like driving in the winter and was at a desperate point of having my household using the last roll of toilet paper as well as the last kitchen garbage bag.  He dropped us off close to the doorway as he was going to the gas station while we shopped.  My daughter and I walked through the swirling blustery snow stopping briefly at the ringing bell and red kettle.  The poor man's beard was full of snow, his cheeks were red, the  warm steam was pouring from his mouth as we talked for just a few minutes.  I told him I appreciated his willingness to stand out there in the blustery weather to help others, dropped my coins into his kettle, and as I turned to leave he said with a smile, "Thank you!  You are certainly a happy little gal!"

I tell you, I giggled about that comment the whole time we were walking through the store looking for toilet paper, garbage bags, and the coffee filters which were almost gone at home.  Funny how when you're happy and smile it's hard for someone else not to smile back which was noted as we passed by the shopping carts of others.  When I got home I thought about how simple it was to bless someone who unexpectedly blessed me back which caused me to keep blessing others.

I encourage you, no, I challenge you to try it this holiday season.  SMILE with the hope, light, and love that comes from your life filled with the Savior and brighten the day of others in your path who may need it!

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