Saturday, December 18

a winter graduation

It seems it was only a blink of an eye ago as I think back to an August day in 2007 when we dropped a son off at college.   It was a warm day as we all helped carry his gear up to his dorm room.  I can still picture him with his baseball cap on and the way his blonde hair would curl up underneath it.  He was ready for the adventure of higher education and already had a job lined up on campus in the computer technology department.  And I can still remember fighting back tears as we drove away which seems to be my tradition at those moments in life of suddenly realizing my kids have grown up.   Plus there's always that moment of holding your breath and praying that the choice you made as a parent to homeschool your children will be proven out to be a wise one.  

Fast forward to today.  

Our family will once again be on his campus, but this time to watch him graduate. With lots of hard work and some summer courses over the past three and a half years, he'll walk down the aisle to receive his diploma.  He's held his campus job the entire time moving up in the ranks to the highest student position in the department.  Over the last seven months, he has maintained the balance of schooling and married life.  The curls under his baseball cap are long gone and his wardrobe will also change as he begins a new job right after his graduation.   That held breath is let out as I acknowledge that homeschooling did work in giving him the foundational tools to do well with his future goals.  

As his mom, I'm proud of him and look forward to how God will work in his life in the days ahead!

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