Thursday, September 30

closing out September

The last day of September.  Can I say I'm relieved and glad to say farewell to this month?  I always thought December was the most stressful month of the year, but I have found over the years that September ranks right up there with it for several reasons.

*The transition from a lack of schedule summer to a scheduled fall.

*Back to homeschooling.

*The transition to fall weekly activities which means activities for someone in our family almost nightly.

*Continuing soccer twice a week in the midst of all the fall weekly activities.

*Garden clean-up which includes a lot of canning and rearranging the food pantry for all the dry garden goods that need to be stored.

*Flowerbed clean up.

*Clothing changeover.


*Retreats and workshops.

And then throw in a few additional things and my life often feels overwhelmed and maxed out as things get piled up around here and mistakes get made resulting in a mom close to being in a puddle of tears as a dad walks into the door at the end of his long work day.

Thankfully he is understanding in his own quirky humorous way.  And thankfully the Chris Tomlin CD is close at hand in the kitchen to blast away in praise music and get my focus back where it needs to be.  On God.  He is the great I AM, you know.  

Life is not about the list of September that overwhelms, but it is about God who walks through that list with me.  Step by step.  In His strength.  Only a whisper away.  And turning my eyes back to being ALIVE - always living in view of eternity....

See you in October!

Tammy ~@~

P.S.  Don't you love all those cute little pumpkins that came out of my garden?!  :-)

Wednesday, September 29


"In Christ, we shall be made alive." ~ First Corinthians 15:22

As I was working with my youngest on this memory verse this morning, I was reminded of an acronym my pastor gave with his sermon this past week.

*A - Always
*L - Living
*I - in
*V - View
*E - of Eternity

To paraphrase the Christ we shall always be living in view of eternity!

Honestly, as moms, are we going through our daily life with eternity in view?  Imagine what our days would look like if we kept that thought in the forefront with each task we did.  Someday all our works will be put to the test....will they withstand the fire and come out as gold, silver, and costly stones?  Or burn away as wood, hay, or straw?   (First Corinthians 3:10-15)

Keeping eternity in view should not come as a burden to a mother whose day is already full, because it does not happen on our own strength, but IN CHRIST.  God is our strength!  In Christ, we are ALIVE!

Be ALIVE in your garden!

Tammy ~@~

Tuesday, September 28

seasonal growling

Yesterday morning as soon as it was light in the garden, I went out and pulled all the beets.  After rinsing them off, they were put on the stovetop to simmer for awhile allowing us some time to get our schooling going.  The rest of my morning was spent slipping beet skins off, cutting them into pieces, cooking the pickling liquid, and getting the canner going.  

Somehow in the mix of the morning, a discussion came up with the girls about clothes for the cold months coming up and how they couldn't find anything.  I concluded that there must be some boxes up in the garage attic and not in their closets because I KNOW there are warmer clothes somewhere.  One of the girls decided to look further and sure enough, three boxes of clothing came into the house from the garage.  The contents of those three boxes plus the rubbermaid containers from the closets became spread out through the kitchen and bedrooms. Yes, my least favorite seasonal task was happening before my eyes while I was attempting to do my canning and that least favorite seasonal task never got further than sorting into various piles by the time I went to bed last night.

Guess what I'm doing this morning?  Going out to the garden to pull all the carrots for canning today.  Once they are in the house and rinsed off, we'll get some schooling going.  The rest of my morning will be spent peeling carrots, cutting carrots with the help of the girls, and getting the canner going.  And I'm going to try real hard not to look further than my kitchen countertops lest I growl about seeing my least favorite seasonal task piled all over that will also need to be completed today.  

First things first.

May there not be any growling in your garden today!

Tammy ~@~

Monday, September 27

autumn bowing

From my gardening calendar:  When the sunflowers droop their heavy heads, it's time to roast the seeds.
The large sunflowers in my garden are definitely drooping their heavy heads right now, but there will be no seed roasting happening this year.  Most of the sunflowers I planted were strictly decorative for the garden sunflower house I grew. 
All of the tall sunflowers are beginning to lean as they finish up their growing season.  I usually leave them alone through the autumn weeks as it's fun to watch the little birds find them.  The birds are probably even a better indicator of when the sunflower seed are the best as they flit in and out of the garden landing on the sunflowers to pick the perfect seeds and fill their little bellies.

Such a good reminder of our Heavenly Father's provision for our lives!

"Look at the birds of the air:  they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; and yet your heavenly father feeds them.  Are you not of more value than they?" ~ Matthew 6:26

May you rejoice in the beauty of autumn and bow your head with the heaviness of thanksgiving for God's provision!

Tammy ~@~

Saturday, September 25

winding down

It's hard to believe that the time has passed this quickly, but this morning is the last game of the soccer season for my youngest.  As I consider the future, this could also quite possibly be the last soccer game I coach.  

It's been a very enjoyable experience.  The parents of the kids on my team have been committed throughout the season and have always been encouraging.  What a blessing!

But on the other's time to be done.  We've had a lot of rainy practices and games this fall in cooler weather.  This morning as we're getting ready to leave the house for all the girls games, it's only around 42 degrees.  Much too cool for this old mama!  

Only one soccer hurrah left to go as the two older girls have a tournament next weekend.  Then we can officially put shin guards and soccer balls away for another year.  Ahhhhhhh!

May you enjoy your autumn weekend!

Tammy ~@~

Friday, September 24

point of reference

"Eternity is primary.  Heaven must become our first and ultimate point of reference.  We are built for it, redeemed for it, and on our way to it.  Success demands that we see and respond to now in the light of then.  All that we have, are, and accumulate must be seen as resources by which we can influence and impact the world beyond." ~ Joseph M. Stowell

We can so easily get caught up in this world and all it has to offer.  But as believers in Jesus Christ it's really about putting an eternal slant on everything we do.  Weeding out all those things that make no difference for eternity and planting those things in our life that will impact others for eternity.  

Put on your heavenly glasses as you walk through your garden today and take a good look at what should go and what should stay!   Live intentionally for eternity!

Tammy  ~@~

Wednesday, September 22

falling for pumpkins

It was only a few short minutes ago that it officially turned into a new season, so I guess I'm not too late to wish you a happy first day of fall!
This day has gone by so quickly and was so full from start to finish.  It seems that every September is like this.....busy busy busy.  New schedule and activities, new schooling year, yet there's still so many lose ends from the summer to tie up.  Like the garden.  I spent a little more time out there this afternoon as I cleaned out more rows of beans and some tomato plants.  And look at that pumpkin!  I had to have my husband carry the two big orange pumpkins out of the garden because I honestly couldn't lift them.  And as you can see, there's a few more yet to ripen...hopefully!

Even though the days are full, what a wonderful season it is!  Soon life will settle and all our days will be spent indoors as we head toward winter.  Until then, I'll enjoy the autumn sunshine in my garden!

Tammy ~@~

Tuesday, September 21

a tea baby

Last year during our Bible study fellowship time, a couple women in our group were talking about a tea that they kept brewing.  It sounded very interesting to me especially since it was thought to have many health benefits.

Yesterday a friend called me and told me she had a SCOBY to drop off so that I could start my own kombucha tea.  It's probably best not to tell my children what SCOBY stands for - Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast - as it may instantly turn them off to the idea of drinking this tea, although quite possibly just seeing the SCOBY floating in the jar would do it on its own!  
She also gave me some starter liquid which I added to the tea preparation that I made in advance of her visit.  The gallon sized jar has been covered up with a breathable towel and has been put away in a dark place to grow and ferment as the SCOBY mother will reproduce a a daughter/baby over the next several days.  

I'm thinking this is perhaps a wonderful science experiment with benefits and it may be a good week for my kids to read and learn about kombucha tea - its history, its components, health claims, and the safe ways to brew it.   

Anyone brave enough to visit over a cup of tea? 

Tammy ~@~

Monday, September 20

spot check

I suppose some could blame it on the full moon.  I dunno.  I do know that it's been an interesting day of catching children doing things they weren't suppose to be doing as I did some surprise spot checks throughout the house.

*Finding a fun-to-read book inside of a school book as a child was reading in their room.

*Hearing a DVD math course playing in the background while a student was  playing a Nintendo DS.

*Creaking of the chair in the living room indicated a student was on the computer during school hours.

*Seeing a princess dress on someone who was suppose to be getting dressed.

All of which lead me to reminding children that fun reading is done after school work is done for the day, the Nintendo DS is suppose to be in MY possession during the week, the computer can only be used with permission, and sometimes we need to wear real clothes around here.

Dealing with these lapses of good behavior led me straight to the freezer to finish off my little bit of chocolate stash.

Perhaps we all need to stand in the corner today?

Hope your Monday is going better than mine!

Tammy ~@~

Saturday, September 18

a Saturday off

There's a community event happening on the sport fields today, so we have a break from our usual Saturday routine of soccer games.  YAY!
I plan on relaxing in the woods watching the beautiful fungi slowly grow.  Naw, not really, but aren't they pretty?!  The brilliant color caught my eye as I was walking along since they weren't the typical tan and browns.

I am looking forward to having a Saturday at home with no specific plans which means I can catch up on a few indoor things and hopefully get back out to the garden for more end of the gardening season clean up.

Any special plans in your garden for the weekend?

Tammy ~@~

Friday, September 17

in focus

Remember how I've had trouble threading needles and thought perhaps my sewing days were over?  Well, I stumbled upon the idea of using a magnifying glass to help with that task only to find it very awkward.  Just how do you hold onto the thread, the needle, and the magnifying glass in a way in which you can actually thread the needle?  Yup, that didn't work too well, yet it gave me a glimpse of a better idea.  How about using reading glasses that would be on my face allowing my hands to actually thread the needle?  Welcome to my new friend.....
I picked up a pair of reading glasses and found that they do work perfectly for threading needles when I'm doing some hand sewing or they work just as perfectly when threading and sewing on my sewing machine.  Everything looks so clear when using them for those purposes.  

But I've discovered a problem.  If someone calls my name and I look up to talk to them....WHOA....I experience almost instant nausea as everything becomes VERY out of focus.  I'm slowly mentally reminding myself to take them off before I look anywhere except at my sewing to prevent that from happening.

You know, I wish that very thing would happen in life.  If as you were walking along considering decisions and making choices, you turned to the right or the left of the way God wanted you to go for His purposes that you would instantly become nauseous and everything would become very out of focus?  That clarity would result ONLY when you were intent on His purposes and looking at what He had for your life?

It made me think of this verse from Isaiah 30:21 - "Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, 'This is the way;  walk in it.'"

YES!  I want to hear the clear voice of the Lord in my life!

And I do believe that is possible as we stay intent on Him.  Reading God's Word, praying, praising, worshiping, fellowshipping, desiring a constant and direct connection with Him.

Abide in Him and stay in focus in your garden!

Tammy ~@~

Thursday, September 16

options of the pumpkin kind

Every fall I look at those cute little pumpkins that you can buy for decorations, but cannot justify paying that much for those cute little things. So, this spring I thought about them once again while I was browsing through vegetable seed packets for this season's garden.  Then my practical side argued a bit with the extreme practical side of myself about wasting necessary garden space which could be more practically used for producing vegetables for my family especially since, um, you know, I was already planning a large space of impracticality making the flower pathway up to the sunflower house in the middle of the garden for my grands.  This led my practical side to convince my extreme practical side that there was a possible option.  
An option that did work quite well!  Plant those cute little pumpkins at the very end of the garden where they can climb the garden fence which will be a space saver AND which will provide me with those cute little pumpkin decorations.  Of course, I have to confess that those cute little pumpkins also had a plant or two who refused to follow my plan and traveled into the big pumpkin patch, but I'm extending grace to them since they are so cute.

And....I'm very thankful for a God who extends grace to me when I choose options that sometimes aren't so cute.

May you have some cute options growing in your garden!

Tammy ~@~

Wednesday, September 15

penciling posies

Ummm, I confess.  If it's pink and has flowers on it, it ends up coming home with me.  Couldn't resist, you know?  And as a homeschool mom pencils are a necessity, right?  Plus I bought them on sale, okay?  

I'm just hoping and praying they aren't the kind of pencils that the leads keep falling out of every time you sharpen them OR I may end up using them to mark my garden rows next summer.....just sayin'.....

Tammy ~@~

Tuesday, September 14

a love gift of beans

"Most persons after a step of faith are looking for sunny skies and unruffled seas, and when they met a storm and tempest they are filled with astonishment and perplexity.  But this is just what we must expect to meet if we have received anything of the Lord.  The best token of His presence is the adversary's defiance, and the more real our blessing, the more certainly it will be challenged." ~ A.B. Simpson

Having recently taken a big leap of faith, I knew there would be some defiance by the adversary in my pathway.  You tend to be hopeful that it will come in areas that will be easy to recognize where you are able to just as easily squash his attempts.  But of course, he is smarter than that and prefers to use his best methods to hit you where he'll hurt you the most - more than once - resulting in floods of tears.

Feeling quite alone, this verse came quickly to mind...."When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?" ~ Psalm 8:3-4

Who am I but this little tiny speck in the universe which is too big to even comprehend by my human mind?

Then He gave me a devotional one night that confirmed where I stood. 

Then He gave me a sermon on Sunday to solidify where I stood.

My heart was warming once again and my tears were drying as God revealed Himself to me.

And then it happened.

After a full morning of schooling, yesterday afternoon I headed out to my garden to start pulling out plants as my gardening season is beginning to come to a close.  The corn stalks got pulled and bundled for fall decorations allowing me to move to the next area....beans.  

My eyes glanced over the bean plants that held many old beans that had not been picked and were neglected by a gardener's life that had been too busy when they were in their prime picking.  As I started pulling out plants with a sigh, suddenly I noticed something.  There were several perfectly sized fresh beans growing on many of the plants!  They were crisp and perfect!  
As I continued through the plants I soon had a bowl full of beans that would be perfect for a meal!  

Now you may be thinking to yourself "oh, how nice" kind of thoughts, but my thoughts ran along the line of "oh, how SPECTACULAR!"  For you see, I LOVE fresh beans!  I mean, I really really LOVE them.  Freshly picked, simmered a bit, lathered with some butter and dill weed, lightly salted and sprinkled with pepper all piled up on my plate.  

My family knows I enjoy eating fresh beans, but my Heavenly Father knows how much I really really love fresh beans. So as I was picking each bean the picking daisy petals sing song went through my head.  You know the one.  He loves me, he loves me not.  Only I skipped part of it and with each bean came the thought HE loves me, He LOVES me, He loves ME!  I truly felt the Heavenly Father's perfect and abundant love for me as I no longer felt like a tiny speck in the way too big universe, but instead was reminded that I was a princess of the King who blessed me with a special gift of love which He had chosen just for me.  

Beans.  Yup.  LOVE in its most perfect form!

If you are going through a hard time right now, keep your eyes open for a  glimpse of our Heavenly Father's love for YOU.  It may come in very unexpected places!

Tammy ~@~

Monday, September 13

Simple Woman's Daybook for September 13

For today September 13

Outside my window.....the skies are blue, the sun is shining, and it's suppose to get up into the mid-60's today. 

I am thinking....about the odd things that my children remember from 9/11 which probably aren't so odd as that event happened nine years ago when many of them were quite young. 

I am thankful.....for God's continued faithfulness in my life.

I am wearing.....a pair of capris with a hooded pink sweatshirt as our home is quite cool this morning.

I am hearing.....the dryer running as it finishes drying a load of towels.

I am creating.....a box full of clothes that my older boys have outgrown and don't want anymore that I will take to the thrift store.
I am get out in the garden this afternoon and cut down my corn stalks to use as porch decorations. 

I just finished reading....In Every Pew Sits a Broken Heart by Ruth Graham
I am praying.....for several ministries at church that are kicking off a new season.
I am nice it really is to settle into a fall routine (once I stop fighting it!).

I am hoping.....that my husband's business stays busy through the fall months.
On my learning how to maneuver through the challenges of being a mom to adult children as each one is so different from the other.  How can I best fulfill that role and still be a good mom to those children at home?
From the learning rooms....we are entering our first full week of schooling.

Noticing that....the sun is lower in the sky these days as the daylight hours are noticeably shorter.

Pondering these words....."When God calls us to serve, he gives us what we need to accomplish his purpose in the lives of those we touch." ~ Ruth Graham

From the kitchen.....there is nothing but confusion as I'm having a hard time adjusting my meals to the number of people who are here to eat!  Who'd a'thunk that sending a teenage boy off to college would make such a huge difference in food and meal planning?  LOL!
Around the kitchen still has boxes and piles all over the place from when we switched over bedrooms and started schooling as that sorting task keeps getting pushed back because of canning.  However, we have people coming for Bible study on Wednesday so I am forced to get it cleaned up over the next day or two.

One of my favorite laughing out loud.  A merry heart truly does give us good health!

A few plans for the rest of the week.....include garden clean-up work, schooling, soccer games, a chiropractic appointment, a volunteer day at the pregnancy resource center, a midweek early morning women's Bible study at church with a Bible study in our home the same evening, a daughter's birthday, and taking care of the stack of paperwork on my desk.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you.... 
Autumn colors are sprinkled throughout the woods already.  Soon there will be a brilliance of color which will be gone with the wisp of the wind.

Thank you for stopping and visiting my daybook on this day. If you'd like to visit others who are participating during the month of September or write a journal yourself, please stop over at Peggy's at Simple Woman's Daybook

Tammy ~@~ 

Saturday, September 11

the ahhhh of September

You may think that the ahhhh of September is the sunny days and crisp nights.  Or the changing colors of the trees.  Or the cheers heard on the soccer fields.  Or the variety of fresh apples available.  Or the scent of the fall breeze coming through the windows.  

Yes, all those things are a wonderful part of September days, however at my house the ahhhh comes from completing the first official week of our homeschool calendar.  We started a bit of schooling the week or two before to make this short week easier as we transitioned into our routine.  But the best part of the week was yesterday as I sat down with each student to look over their work.  It felt good to talk about the learning that took place.  Subject/verbs, God's creation, triple digit multiplication, states and continents, and living in a manner that pleases God.  

Yes, the kids think homeschooling is all about them getting an education, but it's really about the ahhhhhh their mom gets as she stimulates her own mind with learning as all that long forgotten information comes alive once again.  

It reminds me of reading the Bible and how you can read a passage of Scripture many times before, but suddenly a verse comes alive before your eyes.  

"For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart." ~ Hebrews 4:12

Ahhhhhhhhh!  with a few ouches, too!

Be alive on this September day that is full of ahhhhhhhhs all around!

Tammy ~@~

Friday, September 10

seeing red

Today I pick up my third bushel of tomatoes from my local farm market.  They used to come in an actual bushel basket that you could keep for a couple extra dollars.  Now they come in sturdy boxes which are nice, too.  
two boxes = fifty pounds = one bushel

Yes, I do grow tomatoes in my garden, too, but never enough that I have an abundance to be canning in bulk.  The tomatoes I get from the local farm market tend to be large and easy to work with in the canning process.  Processing tomatoes is one of my favorite harvesting tasks since they are so quick and easy to do.  It's simply a matter of pouring boiling water over a bowl full which makes their outer skins slip right off.  Cut the core out, slice them into quarters, and chop a little.  Before you know it there's a large bowl of tomatoes for processing!

This tomato canning season I have been given a salsa recipe that a majority of my family actually likes.  In fact, my husband almost likes it too much as he keeps opening jars and eating it up!  I keep reminding him that I'm canning for the long winter ahead, not for NOW....which has resulted in purchasing a third bushel to make some salsa I can hide away for winter in my food pantry.  Perhaps I can make a batch or two of fresh salsa with my garden tomatoes to keep him happy for a bit, eh?

Enjoy the bounty from your garden!

Tammy ~@~

Thursday, September 9

future fisherpeople

It's happened.  We've grown a future generation of little fisherpeople.  
They love to spend time with their fishing poles and nets with nary a complaint about having to wear a life jacket every time they head toward the water with a big person in tow.
It's fascinating watching how they know exactly what to do because they've grown up watching their parents or other family members go fishing since the time they could be carried out to the dock or taken a ride in one of Grandpa's old fishing boats.  

It makes me wonder if these little ones have watched our family's faith just as closely.  Will they also become great fishers of men someday?

"And he said to them, 'Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.'" ~Matthew 4:19

My prayer for my grands and their future generations is that they will come to know Jesus as their Savior and will wholeheartedly follow Him as they become expert fishers of men.  

Although future generations may seem WAY down the road for you, do include them in your prayers.  You never know what God may do with your faithful prayers for them and how it could impact the world!

Tammy ~@~

Wednesday, September 8

fall ahead

It's here.  My hopes were that it would wait until after the weekend so we'd have one last breath of summer to enjoy, but alas, the new season blew in with storms on Friday.
Suddenly the air was much cooler.  Fall-like.  Nippy. Chilled to the bone. The time of the year when the lake water is much warmer than the air.  So much so that the tenters decided to stay inside the cabin wherever there was a spot on the floor rather than contend with the near freezing temperatures outdoors. 

With the new season upon us, our family continues a time of transition.  My days of being distracted by summer tasks are over.  It's time to hunker down to fall routines.  To get focused in ways I haven't had to before.  Life is changing.  
I'm so glad that there was a marked entry into this new season.  An extra long weekend spent away with family.  Chilly days which nurtured cozy chats near a fire.  I'm not certain which kept me warmer?  The conversation or the fire?  Or perhaps knowing that God has a purpose for every new season in our life?  

Sooo, farewell to the summer and hello to the autumn!  I look forward to every step ahead as we follow Jesus into a new season!

Tammy ~@~

Friday, September 3


As I look back over a week where we had three evenings of soccer instead of one because of the no games over Labor Day thing, canning tomatoes, frequently visiting a grandpa in the hospital who had knee replacement surgery, a volunteer shift at the pregnancy center, a couple of meetings, doing some tasks for a friend who is in a time crunch before her vacation, adding night flashes back into my sleep, AND trying to start some schooling, well, I'm feeling a bit on the low end of energy at the moment.  There's still all those boxes and piles of things that need sorting from our three bedroom switch over last week plus the usual laundry, etc. Right now I have two giant loads of sleeping bags washing and drying at the laundromat while I figure out my grocery list for the long weekend with family coming home.  Now are YOU starting to feel a bit on the low end of energy at the moment after reading all that?

Although I may feel physically weak at the moment, I can say without a doubt that my strength comes from God as He has energized me spiritually while I've witnessed His work around me this week.  That even in all the busyness my heart has been fined tuned in His direction.  That is the key, my dear friend!

So as I forge through the day catching up on this and that and the other thing, I look forward to a long weekend of unlaboring as I connect with family and friends which means it may be a bit quiet here.  Unlaboring will allow me time to refresh, renew, and relax while I spend time catching up with family AND savoring some time in God's Word.

May your Labor Day weekend hold some unlaboring time for YOU, too!

Tammy ~@~

Thursday, September 2

the every day walk

Make us willing to be saved in thy own way, 
    perceiving nothing in ourselves but all in Jesus.
Help us not only to receive him but to
    walk in him,
    depend upon him,
    commune with him, 
    follow him as dear children,
    imperfect, but still pressing forward,
    not complaining of labour, but valuing rest,
    not murmuring under trials, but thankful
    for our state.
And by so doing let us silence the ignorance
    of foolish men.

~ From the Valley of Vision prayer book

As I read through the entire prayer this morning, I stopped and reread this last section a couple of times.  It really is all about walking the talk.  Every day.  Before men.

It isn't just a Sunday morning thing for an hour.  It's all about walking the talk.  Every day.  Before men.

Because others are watching you.  For years.  And your life as a believer in Jesus Christ will make an impact on them when you walk the talk every day before them.  Your faith in Jesus Christ becomes a bright light drawing others closer as they watch and see it's real.  It's not you that they's Jesus Christ.

And there is nothing more praiseworthy or humbling than knowing someone has been drawn to Jesus Christ because they've watched you walk the talk every day before them.

To God be the glory for great things He has done!

Tammy ~@~

Wednesday, September 1

trusting in September

Time to flip the calendar again.  As much as there's still so many summer things I'd like to finish up, there's just something about September, isn't there?  Is it the return to routine or the crisp nights for sleeping?  Is it the transition to shorter days after a busy summer or is it the beauty of the upcoming color in our woods?  Is it the new school books with fresh pages or the scent of woodsmoke wafting through the air?  There's just something about it....

And yet, this new month has some unsettled business for me.   As I turned the calendar page and read the verse it was just what I needed to hear from God's Word at the moment.  

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths." ~ Proverbs 3:5-6 

Trust.  Once again.  Trust.  It is beyond my understanding.  Trust.  Keep on acknowledging Him in the process.  Trust.   The unclear future has straight paths ahead.  Trust.

May you reminder, too, Who to put your trust in during the month of September!

Tammy ~@~
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