Monday, January 31

the boys of winter

As we are about to turn the page to February, it comes with the realization that I am waiting on a grandson to arrive. Seems that three years ago I was in the exact same place at the exact same time.  Waiting on a grandson to arrive.  

I find it interesting that the granddaughters prefer to be born in the summer and the grandsons prefer to be born in the winter.  

Ahhhh, those boys of winter who keep their grandma frequently watching weather maps for here and for several hours away.  Watching the snowstorms travel from all directions primarily in the way of my expected travels. Don't those sweet little boys realize that grandma doesn't have a good car for driving through winter snows and that these snow filled days here and there produce a tad bit of anxiousness?

Or does this not have a single thing to do with them and more with my Heavenly Father once again turning my eyes toward Him in total trust of His perfect timing?

Yes, I will keep my eyes upward though you may hear me whispering  :::::snow snow go away come back another day:::::

Tammy ~@~


Letitia said...

What an exciting time for you!! I would be watching the map, too, though, and frantically praying. Does frantically praying do any good? haha I'm lifting up a prayer for you now that God will bless your family with beautiful weather and clear roads, along with a beautiful, healthy baby boy!

mom said...

I suppose that frantically praying could be compared to pray without ceasing, eh? ;-) Thanks for your prayers, Letitia!

Tammy ~@~

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