Friday, January 14

dearer than a deer

As I came back upstairs after making sure the woodburner was going well, I noted the temperature - three degrees.  Brrrrrrr!  The cat was sitting by the big doors that open to the deck and I wondered what kind of birds were giving him some entertainment outside on this cold chilly morning.  Upon looking I found not a single feathered friend.  Instead he was watching five or six deer walk through our front yard.  

Although it isn't unusual to see deer where we live, we rarely see them pass through by our home during the winter months because they apparently bed down for the winter somewhere else.  I noted the one who was looking back over its shoulder to see if the others were coming and you could see the frost develop on the fur of its back as it stood there breathing.  Brrrrrr!

I could never be a deer.  

I can't imagine actually LIVING outside all the time, especially when the temperatures get below zero or when there's perhaps a nasty freezing rain storm.   They don't put on extra clothing to warm up.  They don't throw another log on the fire to draw more heat.  They don't have an enclosed shelter to go into when the winter going gets tough.  They don't run to the store when they can find nothing to eat as the snow cover becomes deep.  

They simply survive because God created them in ways to survive.  He prepared their fur for all weather conditions, He taught them how to bed down to stay warm, He showed them what they can eat when their normal diet has disappeared, He simply takes care of them.  And I have yet to hear a single deer whine or complain.

Yup, I could never be a deer.

God instead created me to be a mom and He does the same things for me that he does for the deer.  He prepares me, teaches me, shows me, and cares for me.  Not only that, but He loves me more abundantly than I could ever comprehend.  I'm more dear to Him than the deer! The only thing I need to work on is those little whines or complaints that may be whispered from my lips from time to time.....

May you realize how dear YOU are to your Savior and rest in His love on this day!

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