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gifting with purpose

One wonderful part of homeschooling is learning with my children all the things I don't remember learning about when I was in school.  That wonderful part is enhanced when I am able to put what we're learning into a Biblical perspective.

Recently with my youngest we've been going through all the various creatures God created.  The animals, the birds, the fish, the insects.  Have you ever considered how unique each one is?  They are all different in various ways - their eyes, their legs, their beaks, their fins, their feet, their protection, and on and on and on.  An interesting fact we came across was how the giraffe's neck is made in a way that it can look up easily, but it is difficult for them to look down.  The bison, however, is built in a way that they keep their heads down, but it is difficult for them to look up.  Different, yet they each have a particular and important purpose to serve in this world as do all of God's creation. 

Even people!  We are all gifted in particular ways to serve particular purposes.  In Romans chapter twelve, Paul talks about the fact that there are many members within a body of believers who all have different gifts which do not serve the same function yet are important to be used so that the church can serve as one body.  

Imagine if all the bees decided they no longer wanted to travel from flower to flower in order to do their pollination duties.  They were tired of carrying that yellow stuff on their legs no matter how ideal God had designed their legs for that specific purpose.  What a disaster that would be!

It can have the same sad effect within a body of believers when someone determines they don't want to use the gifts God designed in their lives to use for a particular purpose within the church.  

Is God whispering to your heart about a particular way YOU can serve using your gift with a purpose?  Pray about it!  Seek out opportunities to use it!  Bring glory to Him in the process and be blessed at the same time!

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LaughingLady said...

Great food for thought, Tammy.

Letitia said...

Can I "like" this? : )
Great post.

NC Sue said...

More and more I'm struck by and saddened by the division within the Christian faith. I read the other day that there are 30,000 Christian denominations! It's hard for me to fathom 30,000 possible points of disagreement for us to separate over.

If only we could remember our primary purpose - to love God and others - and focus on that rather than the silly things that divide us! If we would use our gifts in his name and for his glory, perhaps we could begin to draw together as one body once again.

mom said...

Thanks, Tammi!

After reading your comment, Letitia, it's clear you are an avid Facebook reader! LOL!

That is fascinating, Sue! It would be interesting to research how they all differ AND a time consuming project, too. You've hit on what Jesus called the two greatest commandments and using our gifts is certainly a wonderful way to live them out!

Tammy ~@~

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