Tuesday, January 11

a hibernation shock

As I was lying in bed this morning resisting getting up, I decided I was going to write about how badly the typical January hibernation had set in this year.  The words were flowing through my mind quickly which was quite contrary to the speed my body was moving.  It's been that draggy feeling from morning to night as the days are cold, the light is sparse, and the kids are more fractious.  My usual routine of early up and out of bed has been badly delayed since the month started although I'm unsure if the symptoms are from my January hibernation or the frequent ups and downs throughout the night as my body shifts from blazing hot to freezing cold.  A little more sunshine would probably be helpful...just sayin'.

So as I slowly dragged my  currently cold body out of bed, I groggily made my way to my computer to check on the morning's news and weather while my husband brewed up the perfect cup of coffee.  

And suddenly I was wide awake!

Naw, the news and weather weren't that exciting.  Instead it was a couple of very early morning emails from a very pregnant daughter which sent me directly to the telephone.  

After phone calls back and forth over the next couple of hours, life settled again as all was determined to be well and there was no imminent baby arrival a month early.  Whew!  However, once life calmed what was even more interesting was picking up the local newspaper and reading that the first baby of the year at our local hospital arrived a month early after the mother's water broke early in the morning.  A new mother totally unprepared.

Me. Totally unprepared.  That was exactly how I felt as I considered the fact that my January hibernation had put me in a state of inactivity and snail-like speed while working on all the tasks on my very long list.  And perhaps that would be okay if there was nothing important going on....however, I need to have things taken care of around here so I could confidently drop everything if I needed to leave in a hurry to watch a grandbaby come into the world.  

The hibernation shock of this morning kept me busy all.day.long.

Now at the end of this day, I'm very tired.  Will I stay so motivated when morning returns or will this mama bear prefer her warm cozy den to sleep a bit longer? 

Stay tuned   :::yawn:::

Tammy ~@~


The Prude said...

When you're wearing Mama Bear AND Granny Bear hats you may want to enjoy any bits of hibernation you can get.
I am looking forward to hearing about when the latest grandbaby shows up!

Kat said...

HI Tammy, I love your name! I glad I happened upon your blog, my daughter is going to have a baby this year so I share some of your same feelings, one is that I want to be ready to be there when the baby comes, but she is just about 6 weeks so it's going to be awhile. I also can relate the feeling of hibernating in the morning and later in the day as well, but with that being said I do get a lot done on these days after the holidays! have a wonderful Wednesday! Hugs

Mrs. E said...

Oh boy, those e-mails got the adrenaline going, huh? Glad all is well and you had a productive day! Always love to ready your clever writings.

mom said...

Never fear as I am sneaking in bits of hibernation, Anita....hee hee!

Thanks for stopping by, Kat, and congratulations on your upcoming grandbaby! I am getting a lot done right now, but there's just so much to do this year after the holidays instead of the typical lull where I can safely enjoy a bit of hibernating ;-)

Yes, I never know what I'll find in my emails.....

Tammy ~@~

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