Monday, January 24

the baby journey

Pregnancy is always a good time to talk about God's amazing creation of human life.  I loved my years of pregnancy when I'd get out the books and charts to show my children how big that baby inside me was at that moment or what was currently developing or counting how many times the baby hiccuped in a day or feeling the power of the baby's kick.  Nothing beats a real life example!  

However, I'm pretty sure my days of pregnancy are over, so there's another wonderful resource available to teach about the journey of life.  Although it is not a Christian production, you cannot help but see God's miraculous fingerprints all over the journey of life from conception to birth.  I've written about it over at Heart of the Matter Online in an article called The Miracle of Life

While you are busy reading over there, I'll be busy here staying a little closer to the phone than usual as my oldest daughter nears her due date with my next grandbaby.  As we've been following her pregnancy, I can once again say that nothing beats a real life example!

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Kimmie said...

How exciting...a new grandbaby! Do you know which it will be...a boy or a girl?

You always give me such a good reminder of Him and His faithful goodness to me.


mom said...

Yes, she broke her mother's rule and found out what the baby is......a boy! It'll be nice to have a little boy added to the family as there's lots of girls at the end of the line :-)

Tammy ~@~

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