Friday, January 28

look above

"How did God bring about the miracle of the Red Sea?  By shutting His people in on every side, so that there was no way out but the divine way.  The Egyptians were behind them, the sea was in front of them, the mountains were on every side of them.  There was no escape but from above.

Some one has said that the devil can wall us in, but he cannot roof us over.  We can always get out at the top." ~ A.B. Simpson

It's often true that we tend to attempt everything we can to get out of challenging situations BEFORE asking for God's help.  We wait until we are worn out from battling every side and claiming defeat BEFORE asking for God's help.  

What if when we saw that we were being enclosed on every side, we looked up to our Heavenly Father BEFORE becoming weary with battle and asked for His power, strength, and wisdom to help and guide us?

Why do it the foolish human way when God is available at our whisper?

The wonderful part of it is the end result of being able to give God all the glory.  The "me" is gone and it's all about HIM!  

Remember earlier in the week when I wrote about showing Him off in a world that is totally unaware of what He is like(let's talk glory)?  That very day I walked into a situation that was soooo out of my control, strength, and power that I could only go immediately above me to God's throne of grace and mercy. He answered swiftly and in so many precise details that I can't stop telling about how incredibly awesome God is!  

Never doubt for a moment the fact that God is moving in a detailed way in our lives placing situations and people right where they need to be when He needs them there in His absolute perfect timing. There are no coincidences.  There are no mistakes.  There's only God.  

Look for Him.  You'll find him above when you're being squeezed on all sides.  That's when you'll find that He was next to you all the time.....

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LaughingLady said...

Thanks for the encouragement this morning, ~@~Mom!! I really appreciate your insights from experience and how they illustrate God's faithfulness.

The Prude said...

'There are no mistakes.
There's only God.'

So much to mull on!

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