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the telltale signs of a Bible

With the health of my stepdad beginning to change, when all my older ones were home over New Years we took a little trip to go and visit him.  We had a wonderful time chatting with him for a few hours and he mentioned that he did want the kids to consider taking a few things home with them.  
When we walked downstairs to check out his puzzle supply, I noticed an old Bible on the table.
Upon opening it up, I saw that it had been given to my grandmother when she was a young teenaged girl back in the year 1915 and had one of my favorite verses from Psalms inscripted under the date.
The page after that listed timely verses.
The pages after that noted it was an "authorized version" of the International Bible Series.  After reading through it a bit I'm guessing it's perhaps a King James Version.
But what touched my heart the most was that it wasn't like some other old Bibles I've seen in my life which still have the golden gilding perfectly on the edges.  This Bible had been used.

In fact, it was fragile from being used.  There were a flower or two pressed in the pages,  a few very thin devotional pamphlets from the 50's stuck between pages, and a paper or two with verses written down in my grandmother's handwriting.  

For me it confirmed the fact that I've noticed a godly heritage coming through my family on my mom's side. There are aunts and uncles who are born again believers as well as cousins.  A praying God loving grandmother no doubt played an important role in that reality.  And now her Bible sits on my desk as a steady reminder of the importance of continuing in a path of growing in my faith and praying for my future generations - children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and more. 

There are many things a mother can give to her children through the years.  Be sure to follow hard after those things of faith which will impact your family for generations to come!

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Letitia said...

This has been on my mind a lot lately as my first child gets married soon. Unfortunately, I've never prayed for my future grandchildren, my time and mind occupied with my current family and their future spouses. But, I've begun to add my future grandchildren into those prayers. OH! how I want to be that kind of, but praying, encouraging, and inspiring them toward God.
Alright, my answer was a blog entry!

LaughingLady said...

What a beautiful reminder of the legacy of faith left by your grandmother! In a way, this is sometimes why I wish it wasn't quite so easy to replace our Bibles these days when they start to show signs of wear. I'd love for my grandchildren to someday have my old worn-out Bible!!

Karen said...

Absolutely! In 2009, when my daughter was going through some difficult times, she would carry my Bible with her and look up and copy the verses I had marked. This Christmas I passed this Bible along to her. I hope she loves and uses it as much as I did. (I loved that was an old, cherished friend. She knew how dear it was to me and was delighted with the "passing of the torch.")

The Prude said...

This is just wonderful. What a gift and inspiration and encouragement.
Thanks for sharing!

mom said...

Thanks for your blog entry, Letitia! I'm glad I gave you something to think about as indeed we tend to focus on the people in our here and now life.

Yes, Tammi, keep those worn out Bibles. When my mom passed away, I read the underlined verses in her Bible at her burial. It was quite powerful and healing as it filled my heart with the hope of eternity.

Karen, what a wonderful treasure to share with your daughter! I'm sure it gave her strength exactly when she needed it the most.

And thanks, Anita :-)

Tammy ~@~

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