Thursday, February 10

the clear skies of winter

I knew it had to be cold outside this morning as I had been hearing the house make cracking sounds which tends to happen with the more frigid temperatures of winter.  There was no rush to climb out of bed knowing how chilly it would be inside the house if it was that cold outside.  Temperature check when I did make my way out to the kitchen for a cup of coffee:

Minus seventeen degrees.

While I was bemoaning the fact that it was that cold outside and considering whether or not I really had to leave the house at all today, I sipped my coffee and did my morning online reads one of which included my friend, Tammi, who was participating in this week's Thankful Thursday.  As I read through her list, I had to tease her a bit about being thankful for "the beauty of winter" since she often seems to send her winter weather my way.  That teasing resulted in a brief conversation which gave me my own thankful moment on this frigidly cold morning.  

For you see, this winter seems to have many more cloudy gray days than I'm used to and it has felt like the grayness of November.  Typically January is a sunny kind of month and February will follow it until the early spring snowstorms pass through.  But not this year.  A friend had shared some statistic she had heard locally of the fact that it has been a grayer cloudier winter than normal for us.

Yup, I don't do well with gray day after gray day.  It does dampen my spirits quite a bit since it comes at a time of the year when the daylight hours are shortened.

However, these frigidly cold temperatures do bring wonderfully happy moments to my daily winter life because they always come with the clearest of blue skies. And when the skies are clear and blue, the winter sunshine streams through the windows of our south-sided rooms.  I'm continuously drawn to my bedroom with the big southern window where you'll see the dogs or the cat lying in the sunshine which falls on the floor.  My kids have been known to throw beach towels down on my bedroom floor and lie in their bathing suits in that warm sunshine on a cold winter day.  It really is that wonderful!  

So although I may or may not leave the house today - only if it gets into the teens as forecasted - I can be thankful and smile because the sun is shining!  God is good!

If you're having a thankful moment you'd like to share, visit Laurie at Thankful Thursday this week.

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bp said...

You are right! God is good and I love the sunshine He sends our way!

Kathryn said...

Brrr! is that cold! I love how you all love the sun though and don't take it for granted. The mental image of the kids sunbathing inside is so sweet. A precious memory, I'm sure.

LaughingLady said...

I wish we had more and bigger windows so I could do that beach towel thing ~ sounds wonderful!!!

You know, I never thought I'd ever be thankful for winter or anything ABOUT winter, but there really are so many things I've grown to enjoy about it, even if being outside isn't necessarily one of them!! ;)

Denise said...

Praying for you to stay warm in His Sonshine.

Redeemed1 said...

Sunshine is wonderful thing to be thankful for! I was thinking the same thing this morning. It's below zero here but the sun is shining so bright.

Whidbey Woman said...

What I love about Thankful Thursday is that it gets us really thinking. No matter how dark and gloomy (or cold!) things seem, there's some SONshine there. We have so much to praise God for- whether it be a cup of hot coffee or a ray of sunshine. Bless you!

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