Wednesday, February 23

listen to the whisper

My early morning women's Bible study continues to walk through a study on prayer.  As we finished up a chapter on intercessory prayer, I was once again reminded of the important of listening to the Holy Spirit whisper to your heart the name of someone and how important it is to NOT ignore that prompting.  Instead immediately lift them up in prayer knowing that God knows all the details of their life and you just need to be faithful in bringing them before the throne of God.  

Does it work?  Absolutely!  In recent days I have had so many overwhelming moments and then unexpectedly feel a calmness come over my whole being.  What a blessing that is and can only be attributed to someone who has faithfully prayed for me as I know it had nothing to do with me or anything I had done.

Someone on your heart?  Can't get them off your mind?  PRAY!

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