Thursday, February 3

nourishing wants and needs

"From our first breath until our last, we have few truly essential needs.....when it comes to our wants, however, there seems to be no limit.....the vague dissatisfaction so many people experience is really spiritual malnutrition and thirst.....have we been failing to nourish our souls while pursuing our wants?"           
~ Vernon C. Grounds

Needs versus wants. 

Where does God fit in?

As you go through your day, consider all the things you *think* you need or want. How many are real and how many are really self centered?  How many could really be satisfied by the Bread of Life and the Living Water?

With the sun bursting out all over the place today, it feels like a need and a want has been nourished to overflowing after so many cloudy days.  And I can only praise the Sonshine!

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