Saturday, February 5

perhaps it never does....

It was in the early morning hours that the phone rang while we were still in bed six years ago. My mom had passed away.  Having been there daily for a week and saying what could be my final good-bye each time I left to drive the hour home, I knew this call could come at any time.  It didn't take away the thought that I wished I had been there to hold her hand for those last moments.  Those last seconds when the Lord called her name inviting her into paradise.

Although the phone call is still a clear memory, in some ways looking back it seems like sooooo long ago.  So many things have happened within my family since that day.  My older ones have graduated from high school with some graduating from college, weddings have happened, and her great-grandchildren have arrived - one, two, three, and walking a lot with the mama of four as we wait on this little guy.  My gardens have come and gone, pets have come and gone, quilts have been made without her advice.  Life has continued on with surprising moments of joy as well as times when I wish I could seek a safe place for advice and there's still that little thought that pops up in my heart wondering what mom would think about this or that or the other thing.  I wonder if that will ever go away?

Perhaps it never does.  Perhaps it's God's way of keeping us longing for hearing Him call our name as He invites us into our Heavenly future.  To be welcomed into His arms as all our earthly cares fall away.  To see Jesus face to face.  And to once again see those who have gone before us.  

Until then I will continue to rely on Him as He walks me through all my surprising moments of joy as well as the times He provides a safe place to seek wisdom.  He has proven to be faithful and trustworthy and strength providing through all my earthly moments and I know without a doubt He will continue.  

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LaughingLady said...

Beautiful post, Tammy. Longing for heaven is something I wish I could remember to do on a more regular basis.

Letitia said...

You are very blessed to have such a relationship with your mother and to have such wonderful memories.

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