Friday, February 18

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When you've been homeschooling for a long time, life develops a regular rhythm that is normal to your family.  You don't even notice it anymore because it's been part of your daily school life for so long.  Then something happens that reminds you of these particular little pieces.  Like yesterday....

My youngest was ready to take her spelling test, so we decided to take it right then and there instead of waiting until Friday morning which is when we traditionally take all the spelling tests.  It took her less than ten minutes from start to finish to take her test and for me to write a red 100 on the top of her paper.  The next step was for her to stand and read her poetry aloud so this subject would be completed for the week.  

She refused to do it and was totally unmovable.   Well, until I met her demand.  

For you see, spelling tests have all traditionally been given every Friday morning downstairs in our laundry area.  While I dictate the words for them, I also work on the mountain high stack of ironing (you are not allowed to sigh about this because I simply adore ironing!).   When the test is done, they then stand in a certain place to recite their poetry for the lesson.  The exception to this is the lower grades when spelling tests take less than ten minutes and we do them at the kitchen table.  

She wanted to stand in the poetry place downstairs to recite her poetry for the week.  So downstairs we went where we each got into our traditional places and she merrily read her poetry complete with flourishes.  When she was finished and smiling, she told me I could clap now. That, by the way, has not been part of the tradition!  LOL!

Enjoy the rhythm of traditions in the life of your homeschool garden!

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Poetry of the Day said...

i can think of some places for poetry.. how about EVERYWHERE
Poetry for Android

mom said...

You're right!

Tammy ~@~

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