Monday, February 28

Simple Woman's Daybook for February 28

For today February 28

Outside my window.....the skies are mostly sunny and the temperatures are currently in the teens.

I am thinking.....about a thousand little details and hoping I don't forget a single important one.

I am thankful.....for the little ways God reminds me how much He loves me.

I am wearing.....a denim skirt with my pink hooded sweatshirt since it's cool in the house this morning.

I am hearing.....a bird singing outside the window.  

I am creating.....a box for Goodwill as I sort through clothes.

I am be in and out of the house a lot this week.

I am Bible and my devotional books right now until my book order arrives hopefully today!
I am praying.....for my husband to do well with his surgery so he can begin the long healing and recovery process.
I am nice those longer hours of daylight feel and am looking forward to the daylight hours increasing more each day.

I am hoping.....that our family will continue to be healthy in the days ahead.  It's been a good winter so far with no bad colds or flu *bugs*.

On my the long list of things to do today which is sitting next to my computer so I can keep adding to it.  Yikes!
From the learning rooms....I need to play catch-up today with a daughter who spent a couple weeks away from home being a mother's helper for her oldest sister.

Noticing that....we flip the calendar page to March tomorrow!  Yippee!

Pondering these words....."Nothing is worthwhile if the seed of Eternity be not in it." ~ Amy Carmichael

From the kitchen.....will be light easy meals this week.

Around the house....are scattered signs of winter outdoor fun yesterday.

One of my favorite listening to all those little sounds newborn babies make even if it is over the phone as I hear my sweet new little grandson.

A few plans for the rest of the week.....include schooling, surgery for my husband, volunteer training for the pregnancy resource center, and a son coming home on spring break.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you.... 
These are the remnants of my Valentine's Day flowers.  Some are starting to fade a bit, but what a joy to still have the beauty of fresh flowers lingering in my house this time of the year.

Thank you for stopping and visiting my daybook on this day. If you'd like to visit others who are participating during the month of February or write a journal yourself, please stop over at Peggy's at Simple Woman's Daybook

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randi said...

I will keep you and your hubs in my prayers this week. I hope all goes well and that his recovery is a good one.

Oh, and that he will be a good patient for you. :)

Mrs. E said...

Praying for the upcoming surgery tomorrow. You all have been on our hearts, minds and in our prayers.

mom said...

Thank you so much, Randi and Heather, for your prayers!

Tammy ~@~

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