Tuesday, February 22

wanna pick a bone?

I love those warm days that suddenly appear in the middle of the winter!  The sun shines brightly, the temperatures rise into the 40's, the snow melts a bit, and all feels right with the world.

I dislike those cold days that appear just as suddenly in the middle of the winter immediately after those warm days. The sun deceivingly shines brightly, the temperatures drop down into the single digits, the snow freezes into a hard glaze in the yard and in the form of a skating rink on the driveway, and nothing feels right with the world.

Especially when this happens.....

Simply cautiously carefully my husband walked from the steps of our house across the driveway to his office in the work garage.  He called right after he got into his office and told me to bring some ice over to him as he had fallen and broken his leg.  And I laughed and asked him what he really wanted.  He kept insisting that it had really happened, so I put some ice into ziplock bags and simply cautiously carefully walked from the steps of our house across the driveway to his office in the work garage where I assumed I would unmask his joke.

No joke.  Instead I saw him sitting with his boot and sock off the propped up swelling leg as he was attempting to wipe the blood off the hand that he tried to catch himself with when he went down.  He had then crawled into his office and called me.  YIKES!  He sat there for awhile as he got his bearings, then a son and I helped him over to the house getting him settled as comfortably as we could as we prayed it was just a sprain.
No joke.  It was worse the next morning which resulted in a midday x-ray showing the break in the distal fibia (the skinny bone to the right of my thumb...go up a little ways and you can see the thin black 'C' which is the break), and that caused the ligament on the opposite side of the ankle to give way as the talus bone shifted way out of position. Mandatory surgery requiring a plate and screws to pull it all back together where it needs to be is the next step which will happen right after all this swelling goes down.  *IF* it ever goes down  :::sigh:::

No joke.  It's amazing that an incident that took a couple seconds to happen has thrown life at home into a whole new dimension that will take weeks to play out completely.  It's amazing that I had just read in a leadership book that a trait of a great leader is their sacrificial servant's heart and I prayed that God would show me what that looks like right where I am now having no idea what it would look like until now.  It's amazing that I can squeeze in the full time care my husband needs right now with everything else that is happening in our lives at the moment yet God's grace is completely sufficient.  

No joke.  God will prove Himself once again to be faithful and trustworthy as we walk through the days ahead. There's not a doubt in my mind that my children, my husband, and myself will be stretched in ways we couldn't be without walking through this situation and that isn't bad...."And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." ~ Romans 8:28

No joke.  God is good all the time.  All the time God is good!

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LaughingLady said...

Well, I AM sorry to hear of your husband's unfortunate accident, but I love your heart attitude in this. (Haha, "It's a beautiful day. And God IS good!" ~ sound familiar??!)

I am praying for rapid healing and that he'll be comfortably mobile very soon.

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