Thursday, March 3

adios salsa

You know it's time to start thinking about the new season of gardening ahead when the things you've canned are beginning to disappear. Like those wonderful tomatoes that filled jar after jar early last September. 

Such was the case this past week when we opened our last jar of salsa.  Actually, I'm amazed that we did open our last jar of salsa as I've kind of been hiding it away since my family easily eats the entire pint with chips every time they open a new jar.  It's simply delicious and came from a recipe that Suzanne from The Joyful Chaos shared with me last tomato canning season. 

Besides, it is March now and I feel like I can more easily get serious about gardening again rather than just dreaming about it each time a seed catalog comes in the mail.  

How about you?  Ready for spring and gardening?

Tammy ~@~


keri said...

Mmmm.....salsa.... :)

mom said...

:-) I do believe it's already gone, so you'll have to wait until next summer, Ker!

Love you,

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