Friday, March 4

no cry onions

When I went down to the pantry to get an onion to mix in with the supper I was cooking, I was surprised to see how my onions were holding up.  

Last summer I planted and later harvested a good crop of each onion color - yellow, white, and red.  After drying them for a while on our protected front deck, they were moved down into the food pantry for the winter months.  It's been nice to have a large source of onions of all sizes to pick from depending upon the recipe I was using.  

Until now.  

Almost every large red onion I picked up proved to be an optical illusion.  As I gently squeezed the onion to test its quality, my hand could completely collapse the entire thing! Everything inside the shell had dried up and disappeared. Several white onions did the same thing and only a couple yellow onions actually felt soft.  Although it's typical for me to see onions losing their quality this time of the year after being stored for so long, the results this year were quite surprising.
So, I took a few minutes to sort through the onions with the above results all of which will be thrown into the pile in the woods.  I doubt the dogs will bother them and there will be kids that will rejoice to see them leave the premise.

Which brings me to a kid tip.  For years I used to so so so finely chop up things my kids didn't like to eat - like onions, green peppers, mushrooms - thinking they'd at least get some of the good stuff accidentally eaten in their mix of meals.  However, after watching children for years go through their food with a fine tooth comb dissecting every bite, it seemed to be a time saver for me and them to chop those kinds of things into big pieces so they could easily pick them out and the rest of us could savor a big taste.  

Enjoy your day with or without onions!

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green fingers mum said...

Hi - I had exactly the same thing with my onions. I even stored them in old pairs of tights and hung them up in the garage. I don't know what you can do to improve.

I have however, grown garlic and stored this in the same way in tights and it stores really well.

Enjoyed reading your log, i have just started my own -

mom said...

My yellow onions kept the very best and tend to be my best long term keepers. I should perhaps forego even planting the white and red onions, but each spring I determine I'll try again and we enjoy them fresh out of the garden for awhile.

Interesting that your garlic stored well as my garlic did NOT store well this winter, but has in the past.

Who knows the rhyme or reason at times, eh?

Tammy ~@~

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