Wednesday, March 2

the perfect cup

A new set of tasks came upon me when my husband fell and landed on his back with his foot up in the air about twelve days ago.  Some are easy to delegate like taking out the garbage or easy to add to my list like picking up his business mail at the post office since I'm picking up our family mail anyways.  But then there are the elusive tasks that are hard to replace him or do as well myself.  You know, like the morning coffee making.

I'm telling you, it's an art.  

He always grinds the coffee beans just so and pinches with his fingers just the right amount into the filter.  I've watched him do it and cannot duplicate it.  

Each morning I've done the bean grinding and used a measuring cup to figure out the right amount throwing a few extra pinches into the filter for good measure.  Some days it's too weak, some days it's too strong.  

But today after I added my dose of sugar and milk and took my first taste it was perfect!  And I smiled and said it is good :-)

Of course, I hadn't really paid any attention to how I made it this morning so the possibility of a perfect cup probably won't be duplicated for several more days, but it seemed like a sweet blessing this morning after a night of restless sleep watching the clock for each pain medication time after his surgery yesterday.  

Thank you, Lord, for coffee beans!

May you find a simple "it is good" to thank the Lord for in your garden today!

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LaughingLady said...

There's always something ~ whether it's a great cup of coffee, a quiet early morning with the sunrise, fuzzy slippers, fire in the woodstove, or a good excuse to keep the girls home from school! (both not feelin' that great today and with the windchill it's -44F, so I think we'll enjoy a cozy day at home in our pj's!!)

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