Monday, April 25

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Four years ago last week I began my blogging journey. Time to celebrate with a gardening kind of giveaway!  

Filling a yellow flowerpot you'll find:

*gardening gloves
*a hand shovel
*Yankee Candle pineapple cilantro tea lights
*sunflower emery boards
*mini kleenex box
*magnetic note pad
*live laugh love notecards
*plant seeds of kindness notecards
*a flowerpot notebook
*sunshine cupcake liners
*five packets of flower seeds - sunflowers, zinnias, and cosmos
*a box of Chai black tea and a mug to drink it in
*a white and yellow kitchen towel

Since spring has been so ohhhh very slowly arriving here this year, in order to be entered in my gardening giveaway you'll need to leave me a cheery encouraging comment about your favorite thing of this season of new life!  The winner will be chosen at the end of the week.  Happy spring!

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MustardSeedReads said...

My favorite thing about spring is the sunshine! A few hours of warm sun can erase months of dreary gray skies. Here comes the sun!

Karen said...

Not sure there's just one favorite thing. I love how the green comes alive day by day. One moment everything is brownish and dead, the next moment there's bits of green popping through. It's the same with flowers around here. It seems that all I have to do is glance away and flowers push through the ground waiting to show off. I think these things show the promise of spring. Even if there's a taste of winter still left, I know that spring is waiting to burst forth. (It's a good metaphor for life sometimes.) Enjoy!

nantuckettiechic said...

He arose! He arose! Hallelujah, Christ arose! That lift on the second arose gets me every time. We've had a roller coaster ride of a spring this year. The daffodils are the best. Eye popping yellow everywhere! Picking up the baby chicks at the post office--that little peeping box full of fluff. I've taken so many pictures already, the battery's dead on my camera.

Laura said...

My favorite thing about spring and "new life" is the arrival of my new baby on April 5th (Evangeline Grace!!)! :D It's been a pleasure after having two January babies to be able to go outside and enjoy the greening of the land, and the sun on our faces!

Junk Loving Girl said...

My favorite thing about spring has to be waking up to the sound of birds singing and the sun streaming through my window! Always helps me wake with a smile on my face.

ChiGirl said...

My favorite thing about spring is looking at flowers and day dreaming about them with you! :) I also like to keep watch on the buds of the trees and bushes everyday so I don't miss it when they finally open. :)

Vicki said...

My favorite thing about spring is watching the grass turn green again, flowers peeking through the ground, and warm days!

Kim said...

My favorite thing about spring is hearing the birds sing.
Their cheerful notes welcoming the morning sunrise and singing praises to our Lord and King.

Kimmie said...

My favorite thing (oh do I have to pick just one??) ...

is green grass...

....followed by yellow forsythia's

....followed by spring peepers
....followed by the garden wakening up from the long winter sleep
....followed by outside play without all the winter garments
...followed by birds nesting on my porch
...followed by robins finding fresh worms
...followed by my favorite month of ALL

Happy 4rth year...glad you started because if you didn't I wouldn't have found such a sweet encouraging friend. I am thankful for your wisdom, encouragement and plain old friendship!

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

keri said...

Lilacs... Mmmm!!!!

Tina & Craig said...

Don't know if I am too late, but we just got back from Lancaster, PA and it was spring there! I can't tell you how beautiful it was! I thought of you because we stayed at my sister in-laws mothers Bed and Breakfast. She has a huge flower garden and I got to help her clip and transplant. . . while it was snowing here! It was fun to have a taste of what is to come. . if it ever comes :)
Love, Tina

Tina & Craig said...

I forgot to say birds singing. . . that is my favorite thing to hear because it means that it is warm enough to have the windows open :)

The Prude said...

The smell of rain in the air before it even starts to fall.
Dramatic thunderstorms (just so everyone is safe)
The smell of the earth after the storm, and the emerging sun glinting on droplets of water.
And what everyone else said :)

Chris said...

No question about it -- the farmer's markets are about to open and we will once again have wonderful, fresh, local veggies. I can't wait!

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