Monday, April 11

forgiving April

:::::tip toeing in to let you know that it is April now and hoping that you weren't waiting for me to flip my calendar which has resulted in you still thinking it was March!:::::
Recently flipping my calendar, I found the verse to be perfect for the Lenten season:

"For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your Heavenly Father will also forgive you." ~ Matthew 6:14 (NIV)

Last week I read some words about forgiveness in my devotional as the life of Joseph was recounted from the book of Genesis.  He certainly had plenty to hold a grudge about when you review all the difficult things that he encountered with life.  Yet when you read about the reconciliation he had with his brothers and the weeping that went with it, there is no doubt that Joseph had forgiven his brothers and loved them dearly.  Not because they deserved it, but because God used the adversity in Joseph's life to bring forth good. 

When you then go to the New Testament and read about the final hours of Jesus Christ in the Gospels, that same message comes through as you consider the journey Jesus walked.  My heart cringes as I read about the pain and suffering He endured for the sins of the world.  For me.  The sacrifice for my forgiveness  of sins was great as it cost His life.  Can I ever even comprehend the love?  Not because I deserved it, but because God used the death of His Son to bring forth good.  Weeping comes with that reconciliation, too.  

"Forgiveness is achingly difficult, and long after you've forgiven, the wound lives on in memory.  Forgiveness is an unnatural act....." ~ Philip D. Yancy

Considering the two examples, I'd have to agree.  Forgiveness IS an unnatural act, yet it comes with reconciliation and great love.  

May you consider how forgiveness can impact your month ahead....

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