Tuesday, May 31

blossoms of praise

It's amazing how much difference a little rain and warm weather will make to boost the springtime blossoms in my yard!
All the pin cherry trees are full of white blossoms.

My apple tree has never had so many blossoms as it does at the moment.

The crabapple tree is heavy with blossoms this spring after only lightly blossoming last year.

And my early lilac with its ever so slightly opening blossoms is already sending that wonderful lilac scent into our windows with the strong breeze we have today.

Have I mentioned recently how much I simply adore spring as it brings my heart to singing praises of thanksgiving to our Creator for the wonderful splendor and beauty of the season?!

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LaughingLady said...

We have had ONE week that felt like summer ~ the 14-21 of May ~ and it's been COLD and WET ever since! And it was cold and wet BEFORE that week, too!! My plum tree is bravely blooming, but we actually had frost a few nights last week, so I'm not sure we'll actually get fruit. Nothing much else is blooming yet! They say the sun is supposed to appear tomorrow and stick around for a while, so hopefully we can get back on track! (we still haven't even been able to put in our garden!!!)

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