Thursday, May 19

forgiving the weaknesses

Spread too thin.  That's my reality right now.  When I'm living the spread too thin lifestyle it seems like I'm not doing anything well because of the abundance of tasks I have before me.  All that jumps out to me is my glaring weaknesses instead of my strengths and I immediately become hard on myself for not doing better.  

And then right when I need it the most as I start another day, encouragement is glaringly placed in my pathway.  Like this morning.

"The last person on earth you will forgive a weakness is yourself.  Only in the gospel can men go on loving themselves.  Wait on God!  See what His strong hands will fashion out of your defection." ~ Carlyle Marney

The timing of this quote in my devotional book could not be better!  I needed to be reminded of God's forgiveness which I often extend to others, but withhold from myself. And I also needed to be reminded that God knows me more intimately than anyone else does - even better than I know myself - and yet still loves me unconditionally and abundantly even with all my weaknesses.

My day has now shifted.  Wait on God!  See what His strong hands will fashion out of all my weaknesses.  Life is about HIM not me.

May He place the kind of encouragement you need on this day right on your garden path!

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The Prude said...

What a comfort- 'His strength is made perfect in weakness'

Anonymous said...

I have been learning this, too, Tammy. What a lie that we can't forgive ourselves...God has the authority to forgive. I think I have more authority than that? He says, "My grace is sufficient for you" and like the previous commenter, "His power is made 'complete' in weakness." Interestingly enough I am learning this in the context of crisis pregnancy ministry. :)

ChiGirl said...

Thanks Mom. I reeeeally needed that. Love you lots!

Kimmie said...

And I know that the things you are busy are the things He has led you in Him my sweet friend. Ask Him to help you find ways of better order...He after all is the God who created the world and everything in it...I am sure He has a few ideas you might not have yet thought of.

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

mom said...

You are all so encouraging! :-) And I'm learning the same lessons in the same place you are, Jenny!

Tammy ~@~

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