Thursday, May 12

investing in the future

In my devotional today, the author talked about James Clerk Maxwell who was a highly noted and prominently known physicist and mathematician in the 1800's.  His early foundation as a child included studying and memorizing the Bible which influenced his later conviction of the harmony between science and God's teachings.  As a homeschooling mom the author's closing comments couldn't have said it better:

"Finding ways to encourage children's love for learning while establishing them in the faith is an important investment in the future." ~ Dennis Fisher

As your children are curious about the world around them, keep pointing them to the Author of all creation, our Heavenly Father, confirming all they see through His Word. Those early foundational years based on faith will impact their later years as they connect the two together serving the Lord in whatever occupation.  It'll be exciting to watch how God uses those investments in the lives of your children!

*Do read the biographies available for James Clerk Maxwell, especially if you have a child with a budding interest in physics.  Here's a couple online sources:  James Clerk Maxwell or the Wikipedia version

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