Tuesday, May 17

living like your leaving

On the bottom of my devotional this morning was this statement:

"Plan as though you'll be living for a century; live as though you'll be leaving today." ~ Author Unknown

It brought a smile to my face as I remembered something that happened over the weekend.  As I was putting something away in my desk in the bedroom, my husband who was reading a few feet away suddenly said, "The rapture just happened!"  

Two thoughts ran through my mind almost simultaneously - *How very cool is that?!?!?!*  AND *Why am I still here?!?!?!*

Of course, the rapture didn't just happen here, but had happened at the end of the book my husband was reading. But it did cause me to stop and think about suddenly heading to my heavenly home.  Am I ready?  How am I living my life on a daily basis?  Am I living like a stranger to this world who longs for home or have I made life so comfortable on this earth that I don't want to ever leave? Am I willing to adjust my life to be wholeheartedly following the purposes God has for me each moment rather than following what I want to be doing with my time? 

Ahhh, sometimes I ask too many questions, don't I?

May your heart ponder how you are living on this day and may it be pleasing to Him!

Tammy ~@~


keri said...

Good post! Now I'm really excited to come clean your house for you... ;) hehe

Laura said...

Dear Tammy,

What a wonderful post...something we should all be mindful of every day!
We do get "way too comfortable" with the things of this world...and we also let these things control us in so many ways. If we keep the Lord as our focus...how can we go wrong?

Sweet blessings,

mom said...

I don't think you'll have time to clean my house while you are here ;-)

And you're right, Laura! How can we go wrong if we keep the Lord as our focus?!

Tammy ~@~

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