Wednesday, June 22

avoiding green mush

Last evening our family was blessed by a farmer neighbor when he stopped by bearing gifts - two extra large ziplock bags packed with fresh asparagus!  As I stuffed them into our refrigerator, my mind was whirling with how we would ever eat so much asparagus without eating large servings three times a day plus for snacks.  

Then I considered freezing it.  Looked online and wasn't very encouraged with the results I was reading about freezing asparagus.  Apparently it becomes very soft and mushy.  

I would at least like to attempt freezing some of it.  Have any of you tried freezing asparagus and have some great tips for me? 

And if you are one of my local readers, love eating fresh asparagus, and would be blessed to have some, please give me a call as I'd love to share some of my bounty!


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