Friday, June 3

the long to short version

It's been resistance for a bit on my part.  For awhile.  She's been wanting her hair cut each time she watches her older sisters get hair cuts and some styling by their oldest sister. Mom keeps simply saying "no".  

With each of my four daughters, I only trimmed the ends of their hair for several years.  I loved their little girl long hair and always felt sad when they made the BIG cut as it seemed to suddenly grow them up.  Those kinds of things are hard on a mother's heart!

So, with much pleading when we were all getting haircuts last week, I weakened.  Call it perhaps being overtired and easily worn down?  I dunno.  All the girls presented their case to mom in support of their youngest sister and I simply said "yes".  
After washing her hair, I took one last long look at my youngest daughter's hair.  It was ponytailed for locks of love and entirely snipped off in a moment.  Some trimming and snipping and styling was done.
Before I knew it, she looked like an entirely different little girl.  My youngest grew up in moments in her new shorter hair style.  

Every time I look at her I still take a double take as I feel my heart momentarily sigh.  Then I note her big smile. They grow up entirely too fast.  Just sayin'.....

Tammy ~@~


Anonymous said...

But she looks so darn cute!

randi said...


aubry just did the same a couple of weeks ago, and i must say that daddy was a bit misty eyed over the whole thing!

mom said...

She is a cutey patootey with this haircut and it does make her smile....A LOT :-) Ohhh, Randi, you little girl, too? What's this world coming to with all these growing up little girls?

Tammy ~@~

Kimmie said...

what a great job you cute. I'd love to see it from front on too.

They do grow way too fast. You blink and boy another day is gone.
Not sure how you deal with all of this, as I am still working through the whole lot of it myself.

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

mom said...

I feel infinitely blessed to have been able to spend so much time with my children. It doesn't slow time down, but at least I've been home during those "blink of an eye" lifetimes of theirs!

Tammy ~@~

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