Monday, June 6

a speck of dirt away

Once upon a time it was easy to recruit garden helpers, especially when there were lots of little boys living here. You know, boys and dirt and rocks.  Perfect combination, especially when you give them little hand shovels. 

However, little boys grow up and the girls at the end of the family move into prime gardening age.  Girls and dirt and spiders and bugs.  Bad combination, even when suggesting it's a good way to get a tan.

That leaves a mother with a big ol' garden staring her in the face as spring quickly wanes turning into summer and planting time is prime.

The first gardening task is always to clean-up along the inside of the garden fence as the weeds and tall field grass love to encroach as soon as the snow melts.  After receiving minimal help for this task, I had no choice but to forge ahead.  

Can I tell you my heart was weak?  That I really didn't feel like doing it myself?  That the task seemed so overwhelming during a time when life is so overwhelming that I was a speck of dirt away from saying forgetaboutit?  Do you realize how rare it is for me to say I don't want to garden? But I was at that point and strongly wavering as I worked along the garden fence line and pondered what a summer would be like without all the care of a garden.  Imagine all the free time I would have and the relaxation that would come with it.  

Each time after I returned back to the garden after going into the house to get a drink and cool down a bit on this rather warm day, I continued the wrestling within my mind figuring it still wasn't too late to make the decision NOT to plant.  

By the end of Saturday, the fence line work was done.  I did a little planting as the daylight was beginning to fade and the mosquitoes were beginning to invade.  Time to head in for bed after a long day.

The birds began singing quite early on Sunday morning announcing the glorious day ahead.  As I woke up and had a perfect cup of my husband's coffee making skills in my hand, back out to the garden I went.  The sun was shining, the temperature was perfect, the birds were alive in the woods, and the only thing left for me to do was praise God as I began planting row after row.  With my hands in the dirt measuring the spaces between each seed, my heart was singing.  THIS is what gardening is all about!  I was quickly reminded that THIS is what brings peace and relaxation to my soul when life is overwhelming.  My garden is the place where God gives me the quiet time I need to see Him more clearly.

As I went into the house to shower and get ready for church, my heart was even more ready to spend time worshipping and praising God!

Are you going through a difficult time right now?  Not wanting to forge ahead?  Wrestling with continuing on a hard path?  Can I encourage you to persevere?  There's absolutely no doubt in my mind that God has a blessing waiting for you at the end that will turn your ponderings into praise!

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teachinmom said...

a good word. thanks.

Amanda said...

Beautiful. Thanks.

mom said...

Thank YOU both! :-)

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