Tuesday, July 5

a boxful of encouragement

Once upon a time many many years ago, I enjoyed doing crafty things with my small children.  Then my family grew in numbers and the amount of free time I had shrank as I also watched my creativity disappear into thin air.   POOF!

As our household has been shrinking over the last couple of years, I haven't witnessed my free time growing, however, I'm feeling more creative again.  It's been fun to do a thing here or a thing there.  

Only a couple of problems now.  My eyesight is becoming a problem AND I'm all thumbs!  In other words, I'm a klutzy krafter!   Craft projects have become a real challenge and I've kind of decided I'm not going to spend the time pursuing them anymore.  I'd much rather enjoy watching others do crafting projects quite well like my daughter-in-law.  

Then this weekend I ran across a craft project that I was going to do this past winter until my husband broke his leg and any free moments I thought I would have I suddenly didn't have.  

It was to be a simple craft.  Cover a shoebox with some pretty scrapbook paper that I picked up.  There was the box. There was the paper.  There was the long weekend to do it.

I figured out a template so I could overlap where I needed to on the corners.  Found the glue, a paintbrush, a ruler, and a scissors.  Grabbed the shoebox and the four sheets of pretty paper.  To the kitchen table I went to conquer this craft project.  

Once I stopped laughing at myself for having one of those multiple thumb moments AGAIN, I actually got the paper to stick where it needed to stick.  It didn't turn out perfectly, but it did turn out.
The colors and flowers make me smile.  
The lid fits tightly since I decided to line it, but it'll hold my treasures snugly inside.
And I didn't want to waste any of the scraps so I randomly glued pieces of them inside on the liner.

On my desk at home is a place where I keep encouragement notes that I can look through and find a smile to chase away any discouragement.  Tomorrow my special box is  going in to the office with me to find a place on my shelves as a keeper of the encouragement notes that come my way while I'm there which will help chase away any discouragement that may come my way while I'm working.  

A bunch of thumbs and glue?  Imperfect!

A boxful of encouragement!  Perfect!

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randi said...

what a cute storage container. nice work, tammy!

Kimmie said...

such a pretty box...I love the pattern/colors. Glad you had a moment of creativity and now you can wait for moments to fill the box with all the things that make your heart leap for joy!


Chris said...

I call that a Smile File. :)

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